Conquering waits for no man…

11 02 2013

I’ve realised how I’ve fallen behind on a few of my regular posts.

So you can expect a few of these over the next few weeks (note few).

Firstly, I’m sure you are all desperate to know how much of the world I have conquered since the last update.

I was surprised at how the conquering continues despite my lack of posting.

Here goes.

Afghanistan – There’s nothing Afghans like more than a good game of Buzkashi. It’s their national game where two teams on horses try to catch a goat.

Ecuador – The colors of the flag are yellow for the diversity in the country, blue for the sky and the sea, and red for the blood of those who fought for independence. Don’t worry, I spilled no blood when I conquered them.

Malta – The Pharaoh Hound Dog is their national dog.

Montenegro – Montenegro has always been a problem for cartographers as it is almost impossible to write all the letters of its name into the small space it takes up on the map.

Morocco – Apparently it’s impolite to say no to meat here.

Paraguay – Paraguay earned its name when a homosexual parrot named, Frank, was befriended by Jesuit settlers, who later ate him up. Thus, this region later, came to be known as ‘Parrot Gay’. Anyone care to confirm that one?!

Peru – The national dish is cuy – roasted guinea pig. It’s served with head and feet intact so probably not for those who went to Morocco and said no to meat.

Saudi Arabia – Only men are allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, Saudi women are not permitted to drive or to travel abroad without a male relative’s approval. There’s a joke in there but I’ll leave it at that.

So here we are, 90 countries down.

Plenty more to go.

Africa needs a thorough work over

Africa needs a thorough work over

Air guitars and happy thoughts are on their way to my new countries.

Thanks to for the facts!




6 responses

11 02 2013

Philip Schofield went to Peru and people started complaining about him eating guinea pig. He said it’s a dish served in their country. It could have been worse, He could have had a lasagneigh from Tesco.

12 02 2013

lol! Did you hear about the guy on Tesco’s Facebook page that asked them to look for Red Rum in their stores? There are some clever people out there…

12 02 2013

LOL I like that. I know I kept yelling at them until I was hoarse

12 02 2013

boom boom!

12 02 2013

I was so shocked to see those poor guinea pigs being roasted, so I went and ate pizza instead. 😀

13 02 2013

Mmmmm pizza…

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