Extreme Uno. The game of kings and fools…

13 02 2013

The tension was building.

You could taste the panic.

A +4 had just been put down, and then another and then a +2.

Someone was about to hit two shots of raspberry Sambuca.

Maybe more.

It was only 7pm.

And we’d already finished the Jagermeister.

Every so often, a few of us get together for a boys weekend.

It normally involves food we’re not allowed to eat at home, alcohol and Uno.

For those of you unfamiliar with Uno, it’s a great family card game.

A game of chance and skill.

Thing is, we’ve made a few tweaks and turned it into a monster drinking game.

Extreme Uno.

There are penalty cards that declare the next player in the round must pick up the relevant number of cards to add to their pile.

We’ve now added on a number of shots that must be drunk too.

Cheating is also allowed.

But if you get caught you face more drinking penalties.

The problem is, the more you get drunk, the more you become useless at cheating.

It all gets rather messy as you can probably guess, especially with all the other rules we have made up.

One of my favourite parts of these get togethers is the laughter.

As most men will agree, the older you get the fewer the opportunities to act like a stupid immature little boy.

We all like to act stupid now and again, well, at least I do.

To fully release.

To get close to wetting yourself with uncontrollable laughter.

So there I was last weekend cheating at cards, slowly getting drunk, acting the fool and laughing like a drain.

And loving every moment.

Thank you boys, I salute you.

Especially “S” who I think got addicted to cheating in this particular session.


We heard him later talking to the toilet in the early hours.




6 responses

13 02 2013

Sounds a fun game

13 02 2013

Even as a normal non-drink fuelled game it’s good fun!

13 02 2013


13 02 2013

Thanks to wifey too surely? For your free weekend pass?

13 02 2013

Of course Wifey. Thanks!

13 02 2013

Oh my! 🙂

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