Bag an apology…

18 02 2013

Rant time.

As you may have seen from previous posts, I frequent the Underground.

I’ve commented on how people transform when travelling in this London-based warren for the worse.

Well my latest gripe is with people who carry bags without any consideration for other people especially during rush hour.

They seem to fall into various categories:

  • The bulging back-packers
  • The trolley bag wide loaders
  • The unhelpful handbaggers
  • The behemoth baggers

And so on.

The thing that unites these people is their complete lack of spacial awareness, and apologies.

Just because you are carrying a bag does not mean you should lose all sense of consideration for your fellow travellers.

Do not assume that just because you are carrying a bag it entitles you to special dispensation.

…or to block a walkway so that no-one can get past you.

…or to use it as a weapon to force your way on to a tube.

…or that it provides you with the means to build a den on the tube to create your own space.

First world problems I know but all that I ask is that people just think.

As I stand there, playing “Skulls of the Shogun,” (great game!) please don’t walk past and whack me with your handbag to make space for yourself.

Don’t then turn around and look at me as if it was my fault / I was in the way of your expensive bag / your bag is more precious than life itself.

If you worry about it making contact with people on the tube, don’t bring it on.

If you decide to travel with a massive backpack or huge case during rush hour, get a bag-full of apologies ready.

Accept you are going to annoy a lot of people.

Especially grumpy old sods like me.

With faces like thunder.





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