Let’s sea what happens…

19 02 2013

Do you know what annoyed me the other day?

Of course you don’t.

The wifey took the brunt of yet another rant.

The latest Fiat 500 ad.

All starts off nicely.

The cars look great.

The ad is, er, colourful and glossy.

Oh look, they are driving into the sea to make their way to foreign shores.

Ho ho I get it.

So far so good.

Until I see some words at the bottom of the screen.

“Fictionalization. Do not attempt.”

Does Fiat honestly think that the UK public would be stupid enough to drive their nice new Fiat 500 into the sea in a Herbie-esque stunt?

To even drive off a cliff into the sea?

Perhaps someone is actually silly enough to try.

When a clever clogs tries to do it for themselves in a Darwinian attempt at crossing the Channel and drowns then the family sues, I suppose Fiat are then covered from a legal point of view.

“Well we warned you, we did say it was fiction, do not attempt.”

But the other thing that worries me is the need to do the arse-covering in the first place.

It infers someone is actually dumb enough to try it on, and then sue when it all goes wrong.

A sad state of affairs.

Nanny state?

It’s bad enough that I have to be warned before every programme that it contains mild violence, scenes of a sexual nature and wind based jokes.

Oh, and did I mention the ad is called “Immigrant”?

Don’t get me started, I feel another rant coming on.




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19 02 2013

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25 02 2013


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