One man’s fast is another man’s slow

22 02 2013

Slow people on the London Underground during rush hour.

Infuriating obstacles to be maneuvered around at break neck speeds.

Do you sense a rant coming on?

Ok, so this is down to me really but when you are focussed on getting to work or home, slow people become annoying.

Why do people walk at the same slow pace alongside each other meaning no one can get around them?

Like a dam of humans holding back the true force of the commuter.

I’m sure they also have eyes in the back of their head – when you feint in one direction to try to get past, they move in your way.

Slow people down escalators are also annoying.

Again, this is my own issue, but if you are going to walk down an escalator, do so at a reasonable pace and don’t saunter along whilst gazing at the pretty ads.

And just because you are walking down doesn’t entitle you to stay on the left.

If no one is on the right, move over even if only for a few steps to let other people through.

Therefore, stupid idiots like me travelling at speed can go straight down rather than navigating everyone like a dog in a display show.

And for the love of all things that are holy, if you are a slow walker don’t just cut corners, or if that is your intention just look first.

What makes matters worse is if you are pulling one of those trolley bags.

If you know how to handle them fine.

But when you run over my toes as you cut across me, don’t look at me as if it’s my fault.

And try apologising too.

This happens even when I’m stationary and anticipating their move.

I don’t see why people just can’t consider others around them.

Is this unique to London?

Do you know what the ultimate in slowness is on the Underground?

The bag wielding tourist during rush hour who doesn’t quite know where they are going and is holding hands with a child who is lost in a world of gaming on his phone with earphones in.

I’ve come out in cold sweats just thinking about them.

This is my issue and I’m trying to deal with it but I’m not alone.

I’ve noticed sometimes that when someone is moving quickly, others move in behind them.

It’s like the Indy 500 when others start slipstreaming to take advantage of the leader’s efficiencies.

All in a day’s travelling.




3 responses

22 02 2013

The joys of the underground. There are signs that say “keep right” on the escalators for a reason. Well, I suppose you could always do a “Skyfall” and slide down the centre bit 😆 I found that though when I had to pass through London when I was on my way from Folkestone to Leicester. Thankfully the High Speed Rail Link has cut out the need to use the underground on that journey now.

22 02 2013

I like the idea of that, Bond style!

22 02 2013

Yep 😀

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