The weekend JJ turned one…

15 03 2013

As you may have gathered, my little boy has turned one.

On Saturday past we had a little party for JJ.

We chose a theme of Turtles and began dressing the house accordingly.

Wifey cooked up an awesome “1” cake as well as adult and baby friendly cupcakes.

I then created an army of icing turtles to go on all the cupcakes and the main cake itself.

We had turtle invites, a turtle cake stand, turtle balloons, turtle party bags – you get the idea.

The  Mums, Dads and their babies from our original NCT group all came along.

JJ had a great time with his baby buddies.

It was amazing to see the other kids and how much they had grown too.

It’s easy to lose track of your own when you see him every day.

On the Sunday (his actual birthday), I took JJ for his weekly swimming session.

We then opened up Wifey’s Mother’s Day / going back to work presents.

This was followed up by a mammoth JJ present opening and play session.

There was also some Facetime with the Grandparents.

Then all the cards were opened which now adorn the house.

Finally we took him to a soft play area in Harpenden so he could watch all the kids run around.

Thank you everyone for all your birthday wishes, cards, presents and visits.

It made the whole weekend feel incredibly special.

His birthday roadshow kicks off this weekend when he goes to visit Nanny, Granddad, Auntie Debs, Uncle Nat and cousins Hattie and Amelia.

Can’t wait!

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Would you like to smile?…

14 03 2013

I will never grow tired of JJ laughing.

So anything I can do to coax it out of him, I’ll do.

Before going to the child minder this morning, I could have sworn he said “seat.”

When I repeated the word, he started smiling.

Add a crazy sounding version and hey presto, giggling JJ.

But it had to be seat.

Not settee.

No no no Daddy.


Hope it brings a smile to your face.


The dawning of a new era…

11 03 2013

Several things happened this weekend.

JJ celebrated his first birthday (more on that later).

Wifey celebrated her second Mother’s Day.

Wifey then didn’t celebrate her last day at home with JJ.

It was time for Wifey to go back to work.

So you can imagine, after a year, it was an emotional time for all.

This morning then marked the beginning of a new routine.

I will be taking JJ to the childminder and Wifey will be picking him up later in the day after work.

So I was up earlier than normal, whizzed through the shower and got ready before the boy woke up demanding food.

I was greeted with a big smile as I walked into his room.

Good start.

Then there were tears as I struggled to get him ready for his big day.

My tears, quickly hidden.

Then there were general tears before I left to take him to the childminder.

I dropped him off and as soon as I walked to the car, more tears.

Happy tears.

Afterall, as I realised, today is the dawning of a new era for my family.

Chucking a creative hissy fit…

6 03 2013






JJ did his first painting at the weekend.

Armed with a multitude of painting tools and child friendly paints, we put down a splash mat, put JJ into a shirt bib and waited for the magic happen.

I began to daydream.

JJ’s work in the Tate Gallery.

The Louvre.

The proud old father admiring the work.

Global bidding wars over his latest masterpiece.

But the daydream did not last long.

I was brought back to reality with a piercing shout.

JJ had had enough of painting within minutes.

Like any good creative, he was chucking a hissy fit because he wasn’t getting his way.

No, not because he wanted to paint Abstract and I preferred Surrealism.

We just didn’t want him eating paint.

Still, we ended up with a JJ masterpiece.

His first ever painting.


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