Chucking a creative hissy fit…

6 03 2013






JJ did his first painting at the weekend.

Armed with a multitude of painting tools and child friendly paints, we put down a splash mat, put JJ into a shirt bib and waited for the magic happen.

I began to daydream.

JJ’s work in the Tate Gallery.

The Louvre.

The proud old father admiring the work.

Global bidding wars over his latest masterpiece.

But the daydream did not last long.

I was brought back to reality with a piercing shout.

JJ had had enough of painting within minutes.

Like any good creative, he was chucking a hissy fit because he wasn’t getting his way.

No, not because he wanted to paint Abstract and I preferred Surrealism.

We just didn’t want him eating paint.

Still, we ended up with a JJ masterpiece.

His first ever painting.


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7 03 2013

What fun. 🙂

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