Another first birthday…

3 04 2013

What seems like an eternity ago, we popped over to some friends for another first birthday.

I love these first birthdays, especially as they are with the friends we made through the NCT group.

We’ve all followed each others trials and tribulations so it’s always nice to catch up.

More so when you are a Dad who does not get to seem them often.

The birthdays also present a big challenge.

Taking photos of the babies that don’t really want to sit still for a second, never mind pose for the camera.

When you get one spot on, it’s worth its weight in gold to the parents.

But you have to rattle off a gazillion shots before you get one that is worth keeping.

So here are a bunch of new photos.

Hopefully there are a couple that you’ll like.




4 responses

3 04 2013

Looking through the hoop and hands on the cage are my favourites. All great shots though

8 04 2013

Thanks 🙂

8 04 2013

Love all of them, but the two with the green ring are gorgeous. 🙂

11 04 2013

Thanks! They are my favourite too 🙂

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