An Easter trip to the farm…

11 04 2013

Yup, I’m catching up again with blogs after another busy patch.

I also had a series of draft blogs lined up to get back into the swing and lost them all!



We went up to my parents over Easter for a little family get together.

My brother, wife and their kids were there as well as my Granny.

It was a lovely long weekend filled with chocolate, delicious food, lots of pungent cheese and port.

Happy days.

One day we went to a local open farm called Docker Park Farm.

When I was about 14 I used to work there when it first opened.

So it was strange to be back there as a paying customer.

It’s got some cracking views out towards Ingleborough, which is a mountain in the Yorkshire Dales.

And it was a beautiful day to get some photos.

JJ was typically unimpressed by the whole thing.

He seemed to like the animals as he occasionally leaned forward to inspect them.

But as if he was an officer in the animal army, he simply sat back as if to say carry on.

There was all sorts to do and see.

Feed the lambs, get spat at by llamas, talk to donkeys, take a tractor ride, laugh at the stinky pigs and even hoot at owls.

We even squeezed in a hot chocolate and some cake.

I can’t wait until JJ engages more with these trips.

Asking why there is a little chick’s head without a body in the owl enclosure (I won’t show you the picture!).

But for the moment simply capturing a smile is enough for me.




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