A garden is reborn…

15 04 2013

I have quite a small garden.

So you would have thought it would be easy to maintain.


Over the years it has seen a wider diversity of life than the Amazon Basin.

As a result it needed a good dose of Napalm to sort it out.

Unfortunately Napalm is banned where I live.

Wifey and I took to the garden to bring it back under control in preparation for some turf.

It was either that or concrete.

I put an order in with a friend who has his own turf business.

(Thanks George, and sorry about the last-minute “Oh God, we’ve got another one” customer experience.)

And then the fun began.

For some reason I thought the turf would be dropped off and brought into the garden.

Wifey was quick to point out that it comes on a pallet.

Stupid me.

Very stupid me.

Totally stupid me.

Wifey was keen to press that home to me.

Especially as we have nowhere to put a pallet.

Fortunately, a neighbour vacated a parking space around the back of the house before the turf arrived.

Garden 3

Lucky me.

Very lucky me.

Very lucky jammy dodger b*stard me.

Especially I was at work and Wifey was at home.

Saturday came and I got to work lugging the rolls of turf through to our garden.

It was all strangely therapeutic.

Piece 1 down. Time for a tea break.

Piece 1 down. Time for a tea break.

I watched my little garden slowly come together.

Like a jigsaw puzzle.

Like a jigsaw puzzle.

Perhaps it was not as straight as first planned.

The fence is wonky, not the turf. Honest.

The fence is wonky, not the turf. Honest.

But I did not mind.

The garden had grass on it and that’s all that mattered.

Back breaking work.

Back breaking work.

Just when I thought I completed it…

Get in there.

Get in there.

…Wifey was quick to point out “you missed a bit.”

That’s what wife’s are for I guess.

Garden. Done.

Garden. Done.

Granted it won’t be featured in the next edition of Gardeners’ World, but I was happy.

It also allowed me to try out my latest magic trick.

Get back in your box Copperfield.

Get back in your box Copperfield. (you might need to click on the image.)


So JJ has a little garden to run around in.

And soon Daddy will be teaching him how to use a Flymo.

Happy days.




2 responses

15 04 2013

I have been dying to re-sod my garden, i have 4 dogs that tear up the turf just running around. I feel like the sod would be much easier than for me to try to grow grass.

18 04 2013

Fortunately I don’t have dogs to worry about but I do have a one year old who I’m sure will want to cause as much damage as four dogs! Growing grass might be satisfying if it worked but I just don’t have the patience of the right coloured fingers.

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