Gardening, the next stage…

22 04 2013

In a previous post I revealed how I’d started to turn the quagmire outside my house into the beginnings of a garden.

A place of tranquillity.

A place of rest.

A place to contain JJ.

Next step, building a fence.

Rather than buy some panels, I’m going build it from scratch.

A bespoke fence if you will.

I’m looking forward to it for a few reasons:

  • It’ll test my basic handyman skills to the limit, which are of course, quite limited
  • I’m ordering materials from Wickes and B&Q like a tradesman, grrrrrr
  • I’m buying a new cordless drill to help with the job along with a box of bit and drill pieces (got to love the toys)
  • It involves sawing and chopping and screwing and hammering and general man stuff
  • I get to play with cement and bricks
  • It’s an opportunity to prove to JJ that his Daddy can build and make things without needing a trip to hospital

My in-laws were up at the weekend so I took the opportunity to grab the F-i-L out into the garden for a bit of head scratching, planning and drinking beer.

A quick trip to Wickes to check out the materials needed, advice on a drill and then I was sorted.

Knackered fence on the left.

Knackered fence on the left.

As you can see from the image the fence on the left has seen better days.

So the plan is to completely clear the area, remove the fence and posts which are a bit rotten and continue a gap in a wall where the fence will sit.

I’ve already started by cutting down a hawthorn bush, which took a pound of flesh from me in the process, and you can just make out the stump.

The fence on the right is new and not my handywork – it’s straight, looks neat and was a good job.

So I’ll be out in the garden this weekend demanding cups of tea, slapping Wifey on the arse and sporting a builders butt, while JJ looks on with a look of complete disinterest as his garden continues to take shape.

I’ll keep you posted.




One response

19 05 2013
Naomi Baltuck

I get such pleasure from my garden. Good luck with yours.

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