Don’t bite the hand that feeds…

23 04 2013

As some of you may have read in a previous blog, we chose to venture down baby led weaning.

JJ has become a really tidy eater, so we’ve put it down to that.

We no longer put a wipe clean mat under his seat to protect the floor from the bombings it used to get.

The bulk of his food now goes in his mouth.

Good little JJ.

So, the next step.

Dreaded utensils.

We gave it a go the other day.

I gave him my fork to see what would happen.

Only kidding.

JJ was enjoying his food as usual as you can see.

I love food Daddy!

I love food Daddy!

You're going to give me a spoon to eat it?

You’re going to give me a spoon to eat it?

Haha whatever Daddy!

Haha whatever Daddy, don’t be silly!

Having played with spoons in the past, I was expecting him to pick it up like a seasoned master.

We handed over the spoon to him to see what he would do.

After dipping it in the yoghurt a few times, he started to get what needed to be done.

He gave it a good go.

You can guess the result.

You see? YOU SEE? I warned you Daddy.

You see? YOU SEE? I warned you Daddy.

But he loved it and that was the main thing.

A few spoonfuls did indeed meet with their intended destination.

I think I might need to get that wipe clean mat out again though.




7 responses

23 04 2013

It’s what’s used for painting 😀

24 04 2013

His hand or the spoon?! I better be careful I don’t give him a spoon to paint with now as he’ll probably just drink it!

24 04 2013

Sorry. I was just being silly. His spoon was I was referring to

25 04 2013

I was being silly too! Painting his face with his food I’m sure will be an ongoing craze.

25 04 2013


27 04 2013
ioanna aggelidaki

Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! 🙂 🙂 🙂

29 04 2013


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