A quick dip with JJ and family…

31 05 2013

I took JJ swimming at the weekend again.

Normally we go for a lesson, but we were away visiting family.

JJ’s two cousins, Auntie and Uncle were in the pool with Granny and Grandpa on watch.

He was completely distracted by his new environment so didn’t really pay much attention to my home-made lesson.

“Splash, splash, splash.”


“Kick, kick, kick.”

Trance mode.

“Twinkle twinkle little star.”

Whatever Daddy.

He enjoyed having bubbles blown in front of him.

The from the mouth version not the guilty bubble sort.

It was fun none the less.

I think.


One small step for JJ…

28 05 2013

JJ preferred mode of transport is the bum shuffle.

I guess with the lower centre of gravity it’s safer than venturing up on to two feet.

Each morning before I take JJ to the childminder, we go for a little walk.

We hold hands as he takes dainty little steps mixed in with the occasional massive step forward.

Reminds me of me after a few pints.

He seemingly enjoys it.

Right up to the point where he simply sits down on the pavement.

When I lift him up, he keeps his legs up as if he was levitating, to ensure he can’t walk again.

It must be a good work out for his abs.

I’m sure the day will soon come when he leaps up and walks across the room.

Probably to avoid going for a walk.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape…

19 05 2013

It’s a tough life being a monkey.

Especially when you are owned by Joshua.

Monty the monkey is a prized possession.

JJ loves to snuggle up to him to go to sleep.

Unfortunately for Monty, he’s also chewed, bitten and slobbered upon.

He never complains.

He never puts up a fight.

So it’s no real surprise that he tries to escape now and again.

Wouldn’t you?

Monty's great escape.

Monty’s great escape.

Conquering slow down…

16 05 2013

The conquering has slowed down.

Only two countries since my last update.

Israel and Slovenia have joined the ranks.

Africa still seems to be putting up resistance.

But as we all know, resistance is futile.

So here are some facts about my latest countries.

Israel – It has the highest ratio of university degrees to the population in the world.

Slovenia – Postojna Cave, part of Slovenia’s Karst region, is the most-visited cave in Europe. It has a network of 20 km of passages, galleries and chambers.

Capitulate you fools.

Capitulate you fools.

As usual air guitars and happy thoughts are on their way.

Went to the DIY shop to get thinner…

13 05 2013

Confession time.

I’ve started a diet.

You may have heard of it.

It’s the “5:2 diet”

The idea is that it’s a fast diet.

No, not it’s quick but you fast two days of the week.

Being a bloke it just means you limit calorie intake to 600 on two days (not back to back).

The other five days are normal calorie intake days.

I don’t know the full detail and am just working to the basics.

I’m doing it purely for myself before anyone asks.

I’m currently 14 stone 4lbs and would like to get to about 12 1/2 stone.

Fighting weight.

Not that I’m after a fight.

Apart from with my belly.

Anyway, Tuesdays and Thursdays are my fast days.

It got off to a good start as I found the perfect lunch of a chicken salad wrap.

It was only 159 calories.

Or so I thought.

In the small print it said it was 159 calories just for the salad.

It was then 178 calories for the flatbread that comes with it.

So it looks like this might be a bit trickier than first thought.

I’ll keep you posted.

Happiness is a swing in the sun…

7 05 2013

The sun is out.

Apparently not for long.

So get out while you can and enjoy a few rays.

JJ is doing exactly that with the childminder (thanks for the photo Lisa!).

And sometimes all you need is a little swing in your life to get a smile on your face.

Loving it!

Loving it!

Feeling fenced in…

2 05 2013

I spent the weekend back in the garden.

It’s all about getting it ready for JJ’s first summer as an active one year old.

This time, it was the turn of the fence.

I had booked in an order with Wickes and B&Q for various tools, bit of wood and fence ‘stuff’ to be delivered on Saturday.

Part of me hoped for rain or a failed delivery but everything turned out nicely.

So after a little bit of clearing and prep, I got to work.

I started by laying the frame out to scope where everything needed to go.


I’ve got wood.

The plan was to put in five fence posts and run a series of beams across the posts to attached the slats.

I put some 24″ metal post spikes on the fence posts and with a little love from a sledgehammer, drove them into the ground.


I then dug a small foundation for some brick to fill in a gap of a small wall, which you can just about make out.

This was just to try to be a bit neat although it wasn’t a good job!


While the concrete was setting I then affixed the beams to finish the frame.

It was quite tricky doing this by myself as you can imagine.

You can see the improvisation of using an old fence post to help me balance the beam!

Once all drilled in to place with my nice new cordless drill (a boy’s got to have toys), I then had to cut a few bits of wood to angle part of the fence around to meet up with a gate.

Then it was a relatively straight forward job of nailing the slats into place.

With the exception of another trip to Wickes when I ran out of slats, it was quite quick to complete.

Then a quick tidy up, hose down and the finished result appeared like magic.


Eh voila.

Ok, so the eagle-eyed among you will see a slight dip in the fence (Wifey was obviously quick to point this out) but apart from that I was quite happy with the result.

I still need to finish off the wall where you can see a gap towards the end.

During the build I was also attacked by hailstones.

They were quite large but looked amazing.

They were shaped like a pyramid on one side and then loads of crystals on the top.


Wifey: hand model extraordinaire

It was probably a message from above to sort out the wall.

And the dip in the fence.