Went to the DIY shop to get thinner…

13 05 2013

Confession time.

I’ve started a diet.

You may have heard of it.

It’s the “5:2 diet”

The idea is that it’s a fast diet.

No, not it’s quick but you fast two days of the week.

Being a bloke it just means you limit calorie intake to 600 on two days (not back to back).

The other five days are normal calorie intake days.

I don’t know the full detail and am just working to the basics.

I’m doing it purely for myself before anyone asks.

I’m currently 14 stone 4lbs and would like to get to about 12 1/2 stone.

Fighting weight.

Not that I’m after a fight.

Apart from with my belly.

Anyway, Tuesdays and Thursdays are my fast days.

It got off to a good start as I found the perfect lunch of a chicken salad wrap.

It was only 159 calories.

Or so I thought.

In the small print it said it was 159 calories just for the salad.

It was then 178 calories for the flatbread that comes with it.

So it looks like this might be a bit trickier than first thought.

I’ll keep you posted.




7 responses

13 05 2013

Tuesdays and Thursdays are the days my sister fasts as well

15 05 2013

Popular! For me it’s just because Monday you need a pick me up from the weekend, Fridays, well, they are Fridays and the weekends are too much of a food time!

15 05 2013

Philip Schofield does it as well. I think his are Tuesday and Thursday which is why you won’t see him eating on This Morning on those days.

How’s it going at the moment?

15 05 2013

Not too bad thanks. Yesterday was the first tough day where I felt like jacking it in and going for fish and chips. Got through it in the end but probably slightly over the daily calories. Hopefully it will get easier! How is your sister getting on?

15 05 2013

She’s doing well. She was the same for the first couple of weeks. Especially when we meet in town for a coffee. It is getting to the stage where the thought of eating a lot on a Tuesday and Thursday puts her off.

15 05 2013

Yeah I’ve heard that and look forward to thinking that!

15 05 2013

You’ll do good 🙂

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