One small step for JJ…

28 05 2013

JJ preferred mode of transport is the bum shuffle.

I guess with the lower centre of gravity it’s safer than venturing up on to two feet.

Each morning before I take JJ to the childminder, we go for a little walk.

We hold hands as he takes dainty little steps mixed in with the occasional massive step forward.

Reminds me of me after a few pints.

He seemingly enjoys it.

Right up to the point where he simply sits down on the pavement.

When I lift him up, he keeps his legs up as if he was levitating, to ensure he can’t walk again.

It must be a good work out for his abs.

I’m sure the day will soon come when he leaps up and walks across the room.

Probably to avoid going for a walk.




4 responses

28 05 2013

Yay … he toddles šŸ™‚ Well done

29 05 2013

He’s getting there, thanks!

31 05 2013

He’s so cute. It seems such a long time ago since my son was at that stage. šŸ˜€

31 05 2013

Thanks! He’s all right I guess šŸ˜‰

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