A bank holiday in Cornwall…

30 08 2013

I drove down to Cornwall on Friday night.

JJ asleep in the back.

Wifey asleep in the front.

Four hour journey ahead.

It’s good to have intelligent conversation en route to keep me awake.

It’s a pig of a journey as all the nice scenery to enjoy is blanketed by night by the time you get there.

But the journey is always worthwhile.

I introduced the in-laws to Geocaching (explanatory blog to eventually follow).

We went to Carn Marth, which is on their doorstep, had a few geocaches and supplies stunning views of the local area.

I forgot to take photos as I was caught up in the geocaching.

Next time.

We found four so it was a good introduction and further fueled my addiction.

We also celebrated my in-laws Ruby wedding anniversary – no mean feat by today’s standards.

A really nice meal with friends and family to celebrate an awesome achievement at the Treleigh Arms near Redruth.

I found out that there was a geocache where we were eating so the boys snuck off after the meal to locate it with success.

But, we didn’t take my mother-in-law.

A mistake not to be repeated.

We also went to Tehidy Woods for a walk as mentioned in a previous blog.

A beautiful place that links up to the North coast of Cornwall.

There were some geocaches in the local area but we didn’t find any unfortunately.

We also took the kids to a really nice local park called Heartlands which I recommend.

It has a park and an old mining complex.

And a geocache.

You beginning to get the idea?

Anyway, a selection of photos from our trip.

If you haven’t been to the area, why not?


Some random photos…

29 08 2013

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been on gardening leave and am a bit behind on recent events.

It should have been the ideal time to update my blog, but I was kept busy.

So over a few blogs i’m just going to put up some random photos taken over that period of time.

First up, some photos taken at my niece’s 5th birthday.

I’ve refrained from showing all the photos of the kids having a good time.

I haven’t got permission!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus…

28 08 2013

This week’s theme was focus.

I was in Tehidy Woods at the weekend, down in Cornwall.

It’s a beautiful place with lots of wildlife and even a walk down to the North coast.

En route there was a squirrel who allowed me to get quite close.

But he didn’t like me taking photos of his nuts.

Boom boom.

The opportunity lent itself to play with depth of field and aperture to meet the challenge.

The book of everything…

27 08 2013

Becoming a parent has taught me that there are thousands of sources of supposedly correct advice for all your children’s needs.

A veritable minefield to navigate.

This advice manifests itself as books, family, friends, colleagues, government and random people in Sainsbury’s.

Some of it’s right and of course, some of it’s wrong.

But how do you filter out the nonsense?

Where should you look to find the right answers?

I take great solace in knowing one simple fact.

If there was a correct way to do things, there would be one reference book with all the answers.

One book that all new parents would be issued with on the birth of their child.

On receiving it the midwife would say “read this and you’ll be fine.”

The book of everything.

But I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

It does not exist.

I checked.

That’s why there is a claustrophobic fog of advice and guidance out there.

And that advice and guidance wants you to part with lots of money.

Being a parent is like embarking on a non-stop series of lab experiments.

It’s about looking at the background, setting up a hypothesis, drawing up your own method, observing the experiment, drawing up the results and a conclusion.

For example:

Background – There is a multitude of ways that you should feed your baby but what is the right way? Read a zillion books with different opinions to find out.

Hypothesis – Joshua will enjoy baby led weaning.

Method – Give him a multitude of food in various shapes, sizes, tastes, hot and cold.

Observation – Although he likes baby led weaning and using his hands, he has become adept at creating missiles from said food. Ensure subject is distant enough from painted surfaces and that preventive measures are undertaken to avoid “I’ve had enough” and resulting redecoration of lab.

Results – Noted a degree of skepticism surrounding red pepper and a preference for raisins and corn-on-the-cob.

Conclusion – Surprise surprise, Joshua likes food.

Once you crack on and experiment, you can begin to create your own perfect guide to being a parent book.

Remember, humans have been doing this for a while now and we are still going strong.

The experiment seems to be going well. So far...

The experiment seems to be going well. So far…

It’s been a while…

21 08 2013

There has been a bit of a pause since my last post.

I looked back to see where I left off.

Turns out I was talking about Joshua’s poo habits.

Sorry about that.

Anyway, the reason for my absence is a change in jobs.

I was put on gardening leave and as a result spent a couple of months looking after Joshua.

In those two months plenty has happened.

I searched for and eventually found a new job that I started yesterday.

Looked after JJ for a couple of months, which was tough.

Very tough.

Unfortunately my Granny died from Leukemia, which was diagnosed in May – very, very sad times and she’ll be sorely missed.

My brother and his family moved out to Kuala Lumpur to start a new teaching job.

My sister, who lives out in Australia, had a baby.

I started the unenviable task of DIYing, painting and decorating the house – one floor pretty much complete.

I discovered Geocaching, which is like a treasure hunt and quite addictive.

The garden went through a rough patch and I thought all the grass would die but after a bit of TLC, it’s looking better than ever.

JJ has started walking – he will get up walk over to something within a few feet, walk between Wifey and myself and occasionally stand unaided looking like a drunk.

Now that lunch hours have returned, I can pick up from where I left off.

And the stories of JJ’s poos will flow.

So to speak.