It’s been a while…

21 08 2013

There has been a bit of a pause since my last post.

I looked back to see where I left off.

Turns out I was talking about Joshua’s poo habits.

Sorry about that.

Anyway, the reason for my absence is a change in jobs.

I was put on gardening leave and as a result spent a couple of months looking after Joshua.

In those two months plenty has happened.

I searched for and eventually found a new job that I started yesterday.

Looked after JJ for a couple of months, which was tough.

Very tough.

Unfortunately my Granny died from Leukemia, which was diagnosed in May – very, very sad times and she’ll be sorely missed.

My brother and his family moved out to Kuala Lumpur to start a new teaching job.

My sister, who lives out in Australia, had a baby.

I started the unenviable task of DIYing, painting and decorating the house – one floor pretty much complete.

I discovered Geocaching, which is like a treasure hunt and quite addictive.

The garden went through a rough patch and I thought all the grass would die but after a bit of TLC, it’s looking better than ever.

JJ has started walking – he will get up walk over to something within a few feet, walk between Wifey and myself and occasionally stand unaided looking like a drunk.

Now that lunch hours have returned, I can pick up from where I left off.

And the stories of JJ’s poos will flow.

So to speak.




5 responses

21 08 2013

I’m sorry about the bad things that have happened in your life recently with your nan. That was rather sudden as May is not that long ago.

I am glad that you have a new job though. I wish you well in it. Take care my friend.

21 08 2013

Thanks Alastair, good to hear from you again!

21 08 2013


21 08 2013
Scott Rosser

I’m so sorry to hear you lost her.

22 08 2013

Thanks Scott, hope things are going well for you.

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