The suspicious Mr Frankwell.

3 09 2013

I think I nearly just got shot or arrested


Especially as I’m in Romania at the moment.

Bucharest to be precise.

I took the opportunity to do a bit of Geocaching.

My clue was to look for a very small log called a nano cache.

It was on the back of a road sign above head height.

I loitered a bit to wait for people to pass so they did not see what I was doing.

(People not in the know sometimes move caches which wrecks the hunt.)

Then the street went quiet.

No people.

No cars.

I reached up.

Found the cache.

Then suddenly there were loads of sirens and a big car with some big men with what looked like guns pulled up alongside me but did not slow down.

It looked like they were escorting an Israeli VIP in another car with Israel’s flag flying on it.

It spooked me a bit.

I’m sure it looked odd to them.

Then all traffic resumed.

I’m off to buy some new pants now.

(I will do a post on geocaching soon!)




3 responses

3 09 2013

Scary ….

3 09 2013

A heart stopping moment. Nice bit of writing.

5 09 2013

Very kind of you to say so, thanks!

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