Conquering the world…

5 09 2013

I’m trying to play catch up on some of the old elements of my blog that I used to do.

One of them was the conquering updates.

I checked my stats to see which countries I’d managed to conquer.


Only one country over three months.


Welcome none the less (air guitars and happy thoughts on their way as per usual).

So what can I tell you about Belarus?

Well apparently Belarus means “White Russia.”

The death penalty is still alive and well and keeping Belarus out of the Council of Europe.

A Belarusians’ favourite drink is Birch sap.

So there you go, you may feel enlightened.




5 responses

5 09 2013

Not sure if anyone has come to me from Belarus

5 09 2013

How many countries have visited your blog now?

5 09 2013

105. That’s a fair few countries. I didn’t realise there were that many countries on the planet

6 09 2013

Nice! I think officially there are 196 but it varies depending on which are actually recognised as countries. It was in my first blog about conquesting so I will have to remind myself!

6 09 2013

I will have to go and have a look 🙂

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