A week in Cornwall…

17 09 2013

While I had my two months off, we spent a week in Cornwall with Wifey’s family.

A nice little break to relax.

Unfortunately Cornwall has a habit of raining every time I visit.

I try not to take it personally, but then again I’m not very good at taking a hint.

Fortunately we got away with a couple of sunny days.

We tried to squeeze in as many activities as possible.

Eden Project.

Fishing – we caught about 60 fish in a couple of hours!


A trip to St. Ives.

A date night with Wifey.

Another trip to Dairyland – you buy one trip and get another free.

And our niece’s sports day.

Too much to talk about so here’s a bunch of photos to sum it all up.




9 responses

17 09 2013

St iiiiiiiivvveeeessss

Great post. Love the photos. I have that problem when I go to Dymchurch in Kent. The moment I arrive, it rains. The moment I leave, it stops. Rain :: stop :: rain :: stop hehe

18 09 2013

Thanks! Never heard of that place but it has a ring of countryside and beaches. Like the sound of it too!

18 09 2013

In Monty Python and The Holy Grail, they say about going to St Ives, but the artist suffers a heart attacks and it comes out as St Iiiiivvess

18 09 2013

Is that the bit in the cave? Think I remember that – haven’t seen it in ages, must watch it again.

18 09 2013

Yes it is.

17 09 2013
The Guat

Very nice pics…Aren’t those giant slides awesome. Seems to get everyone in a good mood. 🙂

18 09 2013

Thanks – I love those slides. The two girls were very unsure about going down them at first but then once they had, try getting them off! You can’t not smile when you go down.

19 09 2013

A lovely collection of family pictures and other interesting photos.

19 09 2013

Very kind, thanks!

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