Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside…

18 09 2013

The weekly photo challenge this time was themed ‘inside’.

It made me think immediately of the photo I took of my little boy, niece and nephew.

They were looking down a little tunnel attached to a kid’s playground-plastic-contraption-with-tunnels-connected-all-over-the-place.

After taking this photo I realised I was wedged in the playground-plastic-contraption-with-tunnels-connected-all-over-the-place.

Not embarrassing at all.


And after that, it made me think of one of my favourite photos that I took of JJ when he was younger, crawling through a tunnel.

My how he has changed.

Spock ears?

Spock ears?




5 responses

18 09 2013

surely this would have been a perfect opportunity for you to share the pic of you ‘inside’ the slide at willow’s farm?!

18 09 2013

Why do I seem to get stuck on, in and too children’s toys?

18 09 2013

funny !

18 09 2013


19 09 2013

The different shades of blue in the circular first picture are truly wonderful to behold.

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