The embarrassing Dad…

19 09 2013

I’m sure it happens to all Dads.

That moment when you see you kids cringe when you say or do something.

“Shut up Dad you’re embarrassing,” must be an awful thing to hear.

Or not hear when they simply stare at you, trying to make you vanish into a parallel universe with the power of their minds.

So it was that I witnessed such an event on the London Underground.

I got on a Tube with an American Dad and his two very well behaved kids.

The kids must have been around 14 and 16.

Prime age to be embarrassed by your Dad.

They were all carrying rather large bags – don’t get me started.

On quite a busy carriage the son put his coffin sized bag down in the only space he could, by the door.

Dad kicked things off by saying in an overly loud voice, as if trying to get sympathy from the other people on the tube:

“You can’t put that there, you’ll block people’s way out and people can’t get on. Be more considerate.”

Fair enough, but there was no where else to put it.

Dad then looked about to seek approval for his action, forgetting it was London and everyone was playing their own little game of I’m invisible.

Cringe moment one.

A few people got on and off the tube at the next stop at the opposite doors from where the son’s bag was.

The son had a little smile on his face.

A little victory against dad was scored.

In a huff, Dad then took it upon himself to move someone else’s bag so he could lean up against the side of the train.

That’s when things kicked off.

An old bloke suddenly stood up and said:

“What on earth do you think you are doing? Get off my bag.” (Old bloke)

“Then move it out of the way, I want to stand here.” (Dad)

“No, it’s fine where it is because…” (Old bloke)

“Move it next to you.” (Dad – starts to pick it up)

“Please leave it where it is.” (Old bloke)

“But Dad there’s…” (Son)

“SHUT UP!” (Dad – forcibly moves it)

<Cringe moment two>

“Excuse me Sir but please leave it where it is, you have no right to move it.” (Young big bloke – enters the scene to help the old bloke)

“Dad…” (Son)

“I TOLD YOU TO SHUT UP.” (Dad – all games of I’m invisible cease as all eyes fix upon Dad, like Romans watching a fated gladiatorial fight)

<Cringe moment three as the kids curl up into small balls and hide away>

<more back and forward abuse and reasoning from all parties>

“Why don’t you stand over there where there is plenty of room opposite your bags next to your kids?” (Young big bloke)

“But…” (Dad – gives in an moves away)

Having moved away to an area with plenty of space and fuming, he looked to his son and daughter as if to say ‘why didn’t you help me?’

That’s when his son delivered an Emperor’s thumbs down type coup de grâce.

The son simply pointed to a sign above the old man’s bag that read “Priority area for luggage.”

The silence on the train was deafening as all eyes cheered the son’s delivery.

Both kids suitably embarrassed, their Dad starting to look very sheepish, the disapproving eyes of Londoners on him, the family remained very quiet for the rest of the journey.

I wonder what I will do to get JJ wishing he was born without a Dad…




6 responses

19 09 2013

I have intentionally embarrassed my kids, but only for a laugh, and never anything like that.

19 09 2013

I look forward to embarrassing my kids intentionally 😉 Speaking of which, did you hear about that blog about the Dad telling his daughter not to wear mini skirts and ended up cutting himself hotpants to wear when going out with his daughter to prove a point?

19 09 2013

Yes I did. Definitely did not look cool after that hehe

20 09 2013
Winifred M. Reilly

Inevitable. I wouldn’t walk in the same side of the street with my dad when Imwas 12. Fortunately that didn’t last long. He took it well.

20 09 2013

It must break your heart when it happens. I hope I then don’t try to be super cool to appeal to my son!

24 09 2013

What a great show, and you got to see it for free.! 😀

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