The Glasses snatcher of St. Albans…

20 09 2013

I often look for signs of intelligence in my boy.

A fatherly fear that he might take after me.

The lights are on but nobody’s home.

So it was with great delight that he outwitted me the other day.

Not hard I hear you say.

For some reason JJ loves my glasses and thinks they are better off my face rather than on.

Beauty should never be hidden I guess.

I don’t wear them that much so he probably just thinks I look stupid and that he’s helping.

But you see, my OCD-ness can’t stand it when he touches them, leaving evidence of his last meal, snot, or saliva.

It means I ‘have to’ spend five minutes cleaning them to perfection again.

One day he was sitting on my knee and reached out to grab them.

I stopped him with a Karate Kid style side swipe, accompanied by stupid Daddy noises.

He found it hilarious.

Another grab.

Another swipe and more stupid noises.

This went on for a couple of minutes with him laughing more and more.

I leaned in to make it easier.

Then all of a sudden his face went serious.

No more laughter.

He went to grab my glasses.

I swiped.

But then with ninja like stealth his other hand came out of nowhere and took my glasses of my face.

Little git.

Little clever git.

Then he laughed again.

Mission accomplished.

As Depeche Mode once sang;

“The grabbing hands, grab what they can.”

More fool me.

Geek in the making.

Geek in the making.




6 responses

20 09 2013

Lovely little story.

23 09 2013

Thanks πŸ™‚

20 09 2013

Cheeky bugger. Good lad.

23 09 2013

Cheeky indeed. Totally taking after me πŸ™‚

22 09 2013

πŸ˜€ You lost that one.

23 09 2013

JJ 1 – Daddy 0

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