Correct toilet etiquette…

8 10 2013

Today’s puzzle.

The correct toilet etiquette in a new work place.

I stepped into the gents which is a ‘trap’ only toilet.

Two were engaged and being destroyed judging by the sounds that emanated.

The final option had recently been vacated by someone currently washing his hands.

As I walked towards trap three, the smell hit me like the 10.23 out of Kings Cross.

It was like struggling against a hurricane, forcing myself to advance and close the door behind me.

All that without being sick.

So what should I have done in the first instance?

Should I:

a) Just run for the door screaming “EVERYBODY, VACATE THE OFFICE NOW” and risk mortally embarrassing the person who had just opened the gates of hell?

b) Grimace, walk nonchalantly towards the trap, breathing in the smell of death as quickly as possible so as to get used to the smell?

c) Say something like “haven’t you heard of air freshener / a good diet?”

d) Go to a basin wash my hands, hold my breath, and walk straight out?

e) Force some witty banter, cover my nose and mouth with a hand towel whilst mumbling “I’m going in.”

Well I chose ‘b’ and even 30 minutes later I still felt riddled with his filth and mildly nauseous.

Is there a correct etiquette in that scenario?

Is there another option I should have considered?

Whatever the answer, I need a shower.




2 responses

8 10 2013

I think the proper ettikwettie would have been to say “holy crap, man … and that is a HOLY crap” hehe

9 10 2013


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