My itch has finally been scratched…

11 10 2013

On the way back home after work, hunger pangs got the better of me.

Fortunately, I knew there were are a few posh concourse shops at St. Pancras that I can dive into to pick up a snack.

The shops are not for the faint of wallet.

So it’s a rare treat.

As a lot of people know, I love pork scratchings.

They are a weakness.

Love them.


I love them.

I’ve had plenty of different brands.

Even tried to cook them myself.

The result was almost a burnt down house.

You see the problem is that I haven’t found one brand  to which I can remain loyal.

There is too much variation in every pack.

A few dodgy scratchings that don’t taste too good.

Scratchings that a Tyrannosaurus Rex would have trouble biting through.

Too much flavouring.

Too little flavouring.

Pack size that only a small child would be happy with.

I’ve had scratchings from the posh concourse shops at St. Pancras before.

As Dave Gorman might say, they’re good-ish.

So I was very happy to see a new addition on the shelves.

Let me introduce to you, Mr Trotter’s Great British Pork Crackling.

The result.

Hunger pangs averted.

Very, very happy me.

Flippin’ awesome right down to the dust at the bottom of the pack.

They are “triple cooked for a crisper crunch.”

I cannot stress enough that if you are a lover of all things pig skin, this is for you.

I’ll have to try another pack just to make sure they match up to the first time.

And perhaps pair them up with a fine ale as I say goodnight to the week.


Crispy toenails. Delicious.

Crispy toenails. Dee-licious.
(image from Mr Trotter website)




5 responses

11 10 2013

Never seen these before, but I think I can live on pork cracklings

14 10 2013

I know what you mean, certainly a weakness of mine. As soon as you see them, pounce!

12 10 2013
Browsing the Atlas

I want some!!

14 10 2013

Find them. Eat them. Love them.

15 10 2013

There are few things more tasty than pork crackling. 🙂

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