Get a Mo-ve on…

13 11 2013

Well it’s been a while.

I’ve been avoiding putting a photo up.

So here goes nothing.

13 days in.


Happy chappy.

Happy chappy.

I’m not normally that grumpy and tired looking.

I’ve got the dreaded manflu.

Boo-hoo me.

Here’s my Movember Page with a photo that I think was taken on day three.

My original plan was simply to do this to raise awareness by walking around looking like an idiot.

Not to ask for donations.

My reasoning being that if just one person thought about Movember and their own health, job done.

However, it would be wrong of me to restrict any donation as it’s a worthy cause.

So feel free to donate anything you like.

Just go to my page and donate away.

50p, £1, £10,000.

No pressure.

Thanks in advance.

I’ll put a few more photos up should my face manage to squeeze any more hair out.

But that’s probably why I’m ill.

My body’s resources are being diverted to desperately grow some hair on my face.


Movember Machination…

6 11 2013

I’ve taken on a challenge.

It’s going to make me look ridiculous.

But hey, it’s all for charity, mate.


I couldn’t grow a moustache to save my life so of course I’ve gone for an easy to grow lip rug.

The handlebar.

Or “The Trucker” as show in the image below from the Movember website.

Wish me luck.

Photos soon.

Mouth Merkin selection.

Mouth Merkin selection.

To be Frank…

1 11 2013

JJ dressed up as Frankenstein’s monster this year.

Unfortunately I missed it as I could not get back from work in time.

Fortunately Wifey came to the rescue as sent me a couple of photos.

There’s a hood attached but he doesn’t like things on his head.

They went to a Halloween party at a neighbours with some street buddies (people on the same street, not really cool buddies).

Apparently JJ became a little monster and screamed the place down and had to leave.

So Wifey had to leave too.

I’m thinking about taking JJ to the fireworks this weekend.

It’ll be his first time.

At least the noise will hopefully mask his screams.