Movember Machination…

6 11 2013

I’ve taken on a challenge.

It’s going to make me look ridiculous.

But hey, it’s all for charity, mate.


I couldn’t grow a moustache to save my life so of course I’ve gone for an easy to grow lip rug.

The handlebar.

Or “The Trucker” as show in the image below from the Movember website.

Wish me luck.

Photos soon.

Mouth Merkin selection.

Mouth Merkin selection.




5 responses

6 11 2013

My daughter used my son’s hair gel and created “The Rock Star” on me the other day

7 11 2013


7 11 2013


10 11 2013

Can’t wait to see the pics. 😀

14 11 2013

One is up now, but I’ll have to get a nicer one up when I’m not feeling so lousy. I do smile. Occasionally.

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