Crashing back down to Earth…

20 01 2014

One moment you’re on the crest of a wave.

You’re invincible.

Floating on Cloud 9.

Others around you seem to slot into a pattern of your making.

You are in control and things are going to plan.

And then you hear a grunt which can only mean one thing.

JJ has just created a new bath toy.

Think ‘Jaws’ theme tune.

Suddenly action stations are invoked.

All hell breaks loose.

The interaction of car ferry, starfish, pirate ship and fishing net needs to come to an abrupt end.

JJ develops superhuman strength whilst holding onto a bath crayon, half in and out of the water, and won’t let go.

The grunting is now becoming more ferocious.

We’ve got a code brown.

JJ’s grips loosens between grunts and I seize the opportunity to grab the crayon.

The toys are now safely back in the box.

Oh no!

There’s an octopus lurking under the bubbles getting danger close.

Fortunately Daddy’s reactions have been sharpened and like a Chameleon’s tongue, my arm shoots out in the nick of time.

JJ is lifted from his hillock and cleaned up.

And relax.

It’s rather humbling finding yourself mopping up poo from a bath.

“Bye-bye poo-poo,” calls JJ.

It certainly brings you crashing back down to Earth.

Reminds me of a scene from Caddyshack.




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