21 01 2014

Before I caught the lurgy, I meant to publish a few of the comments following my Movember activity.

So here they are.

Make sure you take it easy on your motorbike on the way home… The roads are slippery…

There’s a bit of pork scratching in it mate.

You look hard, Paul. / Kind of The Sweeny hard.

Strong effort Paul.

Coach driver. Change your name to Trevor. / Serial killer coach driver? / Who at night likes to dress in leather gear circa Frankie goes to Hollywood.

Why. So. Serious.?

I’m thinking a bit lookie likey Rhys Ifans…?

Are you on the loo?

Chuck Norris.

That Sanchez is filthy!

Tonight, on Crime watch. A dangerous pervert is loose on the streets of London. Can you help us find him before he strikes again?

Are you a porn star Mellor?

Is there a hint of ginger in your furry caterpillar? / a HINT of ginger?? surely the question should be; is that a hint of grey i see in your ginger ‘tache? / Isn’t the official line: it’s not ginger it’s auburn!

oh hang on, maybe a borat wannabe? / oo no i got it, Jude Law from Sherlock holmes movie / na that was too nice!

Is that all you’ve got to show for 13 days I could grow more in one night.

Have you only just hit pubity or what mellor.

A bit of fun while it happened but I don’t think I’ll be doing it again.

Got caught out too many times with food in my moustache.




3 responses

21 01 2014

Haha love it

get better soon mate

30 01 2014

I’m all good now thanks 🙂

30 01 2014


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