You were the teacher…

27 01 2014

I wrote a blog on the art of photobombing.

You can check it out here.

Well, it was a proud day when I found out my little boy has already succeeded with his first photobomb.

He obviously a keen follower of my blog.

And here’s the evidence.

altAjl-f3n4qd7FEKlINB_Y-0EQwh7z9_1Yqf2auc6AGuuKGood lad.




4 responses

27 01 2014

HAHA Fantastic 😀

It’s Chad 😉

30 01 2014

You’ve got me on that one – Chad?

30 01 2014

Chad is a face and nose poking over a wall. Usually with something along the lines of “Wot no …. ” something or other, or “Kilroy woz ere”

Take a look <a href=""here or here

3 02 2014

Oh yes of course! Good shout 🙂

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