Welcome to the land of Fae…

13 09 2014

Bank holidays.

You’ve got to love ’em.

That little bonus day off.

And so, August found me down in Cornwall seeing family.

Tehidy Country Park, which you may remember from an earlier blog, was hosting an event by the Rogue Theatre called the Wild Woodland Summer Ball.

Armed with the kids on a sunny Saturday, off we went.

On arrival, we queued up outside an entrance to the woods to begin our magical journey.

As we walked through the eerie woods, the actors put on little performances that were part of the stories to be told.

They ushered us through the woods to various performances before we eventually reached a clearing where the main event was to take place.

There was a stage, a woodland stew bubbling away, a sheltered area for the musicians and a little stall selling food and drink.

We took a seat on some hay bales and took in five stories from ‘The Book of Fae.’

A brief interlude saw some wand and sword making as well as some face painting.

(Do you think JJ could sit still for a full face painting? See the photo below for the result.)

It was all good fun if not a little hard to concentrate on with JJ deciding to explore the woods rather than find out what happened to the last of the dragons, wife to the new king.

After a song and a dance with the actors, it was time to leave and head back to the land of normality.






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