A land of fun?…

15 09 2014

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit some exotic locations on holiday.

So with a week off in September, I was looking forward to my next jaunt.

Where would it be?



Sri Lanka?



And to be specific CBeebies Land at Alton Towers.

It was a land of the usual suspects.

Iggle Piggle and his motley crew.

Postman Pat and his lame excuse of a postal service.

Tree Fu Tom and his miscreant mates.

You get the idea.

JJ seemingly enjoyed himself but there were a few elements that did not seem to go down well.

Imagine watching Mike the Knight on TV to then be confronted with his giant likeness and being told to smile for the camera.


He hated queues.

Not understanding the concept of why he could not go on the big rides.

Once he got passed that he took it all in as only a two year old can do.

We visited the waterpark, won him a minion that is affectionately known at ‘tato (as in potato) and went for a few long walks while he slept in the grounds of Alton Towers.

Plenty of fun was had, but I do look forward to the day when he will have even more fun on the big rides with his Daddy.

Although by then, the ‘coasters of CBeebies Land will probably appeal more to me.




One response

19 09 2014

That looks like it was completely awesome. Glad he enjoyed himself

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