Happy Birthday Mummy…

19 09 2014

Today is Wifey’s birthday.

I’d been out the previous night for a few drinks and found myself at 12.30 this morning wrapping presents.

Unfortunately the paper I thought we’d had didn’t exist.

Thomas the Tank Engine wrapping paper saved the day.

I got Joshie up, he added his mark to the birthday card and then I briefed him on his next steps.

He waddled through into the bedroom in his rather full nappy, clutching a card and presented it to Mummy.

(The card not the nappy.)

“Happy Birthday, Mummy.”

It’s the first time he’d ever said that to either one of us, so that was all the present I think Wifey needed.

Thomas caused a bit of confusion when after giving a present to Mummy Joshie exclaimed “my presents!”

Fortunately he did not kick off and settled for a little treat.

A strip of sugared squid (don’t ask – thanks Bruv).

With a trip to London Zoo and a meal out tonight without Joshie (first time with an official babysitter!), I hope you have a good birthday Wifey.


And it looks like we can pause on re-building Hadrian’s Wall.

For the moment…




5 responses

19 09 2014

Happy birthday to your wifey. I remember once when I was married, I brought the kids mother a necklace from them for her Christmas, and my daughter got up at one point, grabbed the necklace from my coat pocket, ran into the living room and said “Look mummy we got you a necklace for Christmas, want to see?” and promptly opened it lol

Don’t you just love kids?

I hope you and wifey have a great night tonight. Time for a brother/sister for Joshie methinks 😛

19 09 2014

Thanks Al!

Funnily enough Joshie’s present to his Mummy was a necklace! Fortunately it was wrapped 😉

Last point duly noted!

19 09 2014

Haha cool.

19 09 2014

Thanks Al 🙂

19 09 2014

You’re welcome. Have a good one.

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