Pop goes your name…

26 09 2014

Some rather talented friends of ours have started a little business.

“Pop goes your name.”

They have written, produced and recorded a series of personalised songs for children to create a rather unique album.

You go to their website, choose the relevant name and within a couple of clicks hey presto, a wonderful present for the kids.

The album has some incredibly catchy tunes and I often find myself singing along to them at home, in the car and at work without realising.


It’s helping Joshie learn the alphabet too, even if he doesn’t even realise what he’s singing yet.

“I’m tired of Niki Minaj, Catfish and the Bottlemen, and David Guetta, so where can I pick up one of these albums as quickly as possible,” I hear you say?


Just click here.

“Joshua, Joshua that’s your name. Use the letters what do they say?”

Did I just sing that out loud?




One response

27 09 2014

Wonderful songs. I loved it “Pop goes your name”
These kind of songs act as an appreciation for children’s. nice thought buddy.

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