The bookmark saga…

13 10 2014

I was back over in Switzerland last week.

You may remember my exploits from my last trip.

Thankfully, this time around was a lot more straightforward and less embarrassing.

After a full day of meetings, I found myself back at the airport waiting for an 8.30pm flight.

Unfortunately due to bad weather my flight was delayed by 90 minutes.

I had just started a new book so although not ideal, it was a good excuse to carry on reading without adding to the chorus of “TUTS” from all around me.

When we eventually boarded and took off, I was knackered.

I put the book into the netted compartment in the seat in front of me and zoned out with some Swiss chocolate.

The flight was uneventful, the landing was smooth and next thing I knew I was in a cab homeward bound.

Then I remembered my book.

Still in the netted compartment.


But what annoyed me more about my own forgetfulness was that it contained a bookmark.

Not just any old bookmark, but a gift from Wifey on our third (leather) anniversary.

Double arse.

So now begins a new journey.

Finding the book and more importantly the bookmark.

The Swiss Airlines Facebook was a bad start.

The number they gave me sent me to baggage tracking.

Baggage tracking sent me to left luggage.

Left luggage passed me on to someone who I think just picked up the phone by mistake.

Dead end.

Some friends who replied to my comment on the Swiss Airlines page have also been guided to lost and found.

Even though they haven’t lost anything.

So it’s not looking good so far.

However, I’ve just received an email that might offer a glimmer of hope saying they will keep an eye out.


I’ll write an update if I find anything else out, keep your fingers crossed.




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