Tickle Treat…

7 11 2014

Last year, Joshie didn’t really understand Halloween.

Not many one year olds would..

But we dressed him up none the less.

This year was no different.

Except this time he understood it a fraction more.

I took him to Willows Farm where they were giving away pumpkins for free.

We stood in a field littered with orange globes of all shapes and sizes and I told him to take his pick.


At first he was not fussed, but the deeper we got into the field the more he got involved.

“This one?”

“No Joshie, it’s only half a pumpkin.”

“This one Daddy?”

“No Joshie, as you can now see by all the pumpkin juice that fallen onto my shoe, it’s a broken pumpkin.”

Then he lost interest.

So we continued until we (I) found a suitable one.



Then Joshie went off and stole another one anyway.

A few days later, Wifey set to the task of carving it with Joshie.

But he lost interest.

Can you what it is?

Can you see what it is?

Wifey set to dressing up the little man ready for some Trick or Treating on our street.

And this is where he suddenly gained an interest when he realised what he could get.

Houses that were participating had a pumpkin outside so the kids took it in turns to find out what their treat was.

Joshie’s turn.



Well he kind of got it right, because all the Mums seemed to love the expression and showered him in kiddie rocket fuel.


Lots of them.

His little Frankenstein’s Monster bucket runneth over.

Which obviously meant more for Daddy.

Later, I asked Wifey if she would like a Tickle Treat, but that’s another story.





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