Childhood heroes visit Manchester…

24 03 2015

Last weekend saw a momentous occasion.

Hulk Hogan posed for photos with Bumblebee.

Michael Jackson thrilled the crowd with a dance off against a robot pretending to be a human.

Clint Eastwood compared guns with Han Solo.

And Timmy Mallett, er, was Timmy Mallett.

This great meeting of minds could only mean one thing.

Stag do.

The host city was Manchester, which felt the full force of “Willyman” on the Friday night.

The numerous hens and their parties that were not so entertained.

That was until their friends Margarita and Chardonnay talked them around and then they loved a bit of Willyman.

After various Manchester hotspots had experienced the delights of this not so well-known superhero, we made our various ways back to the hotel.

I think it was about 4am in the morning before I passed out.

Thankfully my body clock got me up early after a few hours sleep (thanks body clock).

Before I knew it, I was on a golf course playing Footgolf.

Once we blew away the cobwebs, we returned back to the hotel for a quick rest / drink before getting ready to hit the town again, dressed as our childhood heroes.

As we ventured out, we were greeted with insults, compliments and laughter.

It was funny listening to people say “Who the f*&@ is he?”

It directly correlated to their age.

Apparently Mr. Motivator, Monkey and Axel Rose (!) means nothing to the youth of today.

The 80s reunion was marred Jimmy sneaking in as Hulk Hogan.

The 80s reunion was marred Jimmy sneaking in as Hulk Hogan.

And in case you were wondering, I was Dick Dastardly.

Great bunch of lads.

Great weekend.

Great memories for the stag.


Double trouble…

16 03 2015

Yet again, it’s been a while since my last post.

Been a bit busy.

So what’s been happening in my 2015 world?

Work happened.

I now appear in the top Google image search for ‘bruise forehead’ which I guess is the result of this blog.

I had my first trip to Australia and Malaysia.

JJ turned three.

But the best happening so far?

Wifey is pregnant.

Fortunately we avoided the rollercoaster ride that we experienced the first time around that inspired me to start this blog.

We are expecting another boy on July 8th.

Wifey is doing really well and continues to look amazing every day.

She’s also coming to terms with the fact she’ll be surrounded by boys for the rest of her life.

JJ is still coming to terms with the fact that Mummy has a baby brother in her ‘Tummy House’ and that he doesn’t have one in his.

I’m coming to terms with the fact that ‘the big snip’ is inevitable.

Happy days.