Bloomin’ marvellous…

27 04 2015

For our 5th anniversary I bought Abi a tree and had it planted in the grounds of Offley Place where we got married.

It was a Prunus ‘Blushing Bride’ (Shogetsu).

The idea is that we can come back each year to see how it’s grown along with Joshie.

We went to see how it was doing at the weekend, as it’s due to produce its signature cherry blossom.

The tree is very young so we were not sure what to expect.

As you will see from the photo below, it has started blooming.

And so has Wifey.




Oh bollocks…

7 04 2015


I found myself in Sainsbury’s on Good Friday.

JJ kept me company as we sought out food for the long weekend ahead.

He was a little angel.

At no point was he naughty.

At no point did he grab things from the shelves.

At no point did he shout out anything bad.

Mind you, at one point he was shouting “Uncle Paul” at me which he found hilarious.

With our trolley full we finally departed Sainsbury’s just at a point when JJ’s patience was wearing thin.

We got back to the car, I opened the boot and…


The boot contained a sand and water play thing that took up all the space.


Oh oh.

The little parrot sitting in the trolley had heard me.


“No Joshie I didn’t say that I said trolley.”


Without even knowing what the word meant, he’d already used it correctly.

Not sure why I said trolley as it sounds nothing like bollocks, but eventually it worked, after a few more rounds of “bollocks” and more laughter.

If I had turned up home with JJ shouting out bollocks, I don’t think I would have risen from the dead.

The incident reminded me of an ad for VW.

Note to self, must be more careful in future.

Ferocious kick to the head, but I’m ok…

2 04 2015

I knew it was coming.

I’d asked for it.

Typical me.

One of those “come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough” moments.

I was feeling brave and thought why not.

“So come on, kick me in the head if you can.”

And would you believe it, he did.

Cheeky so and so.

My unborn child has already started to abuse me.

But what a feeling.