A Geocache addiction…

6 09 2013

So at long last, an explanation.


In simple terms it’s a global treasure hunt.

You have to look for a ‘cache’ that could be the size of a broad bean up to much bigger boxes.

At a minimum they contain a log that you sign once you have found them.

The larger ones could contain anything.

You can take what you want from the contents as long as you replace it with something of equal or greater value.

There might be something inside called a ‘trackable’.

In most cases this is a piece of metal with a code that allows its owner to track it wherever it is in the world.

The original owner will put it in a cache and the next person to find it can take it and drop it off in another cache once they have recorded the find online.

These trackables often have a mission like “I want to go to Spain,” or “I want to go to Lapland to meet Santa.”

The idea is that slowly but surely they make their way there by people picking up a cache when on holiday, business and so on.

So where are these caches and how do you find them?

They are literally all over the world.

You may pass one every day on the way to work, or in a park, or driving about without realising it.

First off you download the free app (on Windows Phones – I think you pay for android / apple).

It will track where you are through GPS then show the location of the nearest caches.

Then you follow the GPS and the clues to the location and then hunt it down.

It could be up a tree.

Disguised as a rock.

Magnetically stuck behind a road sign.

Behind a loose brick in a wall.

On a keyring attached to ivy climbing up a tree.

You get the idea.

I introduced my in-laws to it, who live down in Cornwall.

Lo and behold there were loads of caches nearby.

So we set off on one of the local walks and found a few.

Wifey is yet to be hooked.

I’m sure she’ll want to join in soon even if she does think it’s a bit geeky.

She’ll put up a fight to begin.

Then she will give in become addicted to geocaching too.


The suspicious Mr Frankwell.

3 09 2013

I think I nearly just got shot or arrested


Especially as I’m in Romania at the moment.

Bucharest to be precise.

I took the opportunity to do a bit of Geocaching.

My clue was to look for a very small log called a nano cache.

It was on the back of a road sign above head height.

I loitered a bit to wait for people to pass so they did not see what I was doing.

(People not in the know sometimes move caches which wrecks the hunt.)

Then the street went quiet.

No people.

No cars.

I reached up.

Found the cache.

Then suddenly there were loads of sirens and a big car with some big men with what looked like guns pulled up alongside me but did not slow down.

It looked like they were escorting an Israeli VIP in another car with Israel’s flag flying on it.

It spooked me a bit.

I’m sure it looked odd to them.

Then all traffic resumed.

I’m off to buy some new pants now.

(I will do a post on geocaching soon!)