We are at DEFCON 4…

7 03 2012

Turns out Abi has OC.
Not the affliction of needing to watch The OC.
Obstetric Cholestasis.
In a nut shell it’s a problem with her liver, which means we need to get the baby out (the baby is fine).
And that’s why I’m currently sitting in hospital listening to my baby’s heartbeat.
Pessary is in.
First hospital meal down.
DEFCON 5 a distant memory.
Who knows how long this will take.
I’ve got a copy of the Telegraph, a bag of haribo, my book on Ghenghis Khan and the most beautiful woman in the world right next to me.
I’m happy.
And bricking it.


Third time lucky…

21 12 2011

Abi is 26 weeks and three days.

For only the third time, I felt the little wriggle monkey move last night.

I hope I don’t grow bored of feeling him move.

It’s an amazing sensation.

Apparently he can now hear a lot more noise from the outside.

So it’s time to start briefing him on what’s going on in this crazy world.

The Wriggle Monkey…

15 11 2011

As humans we’ve had thousands of years to evolve, some more than others.

Yet it still amazes me how there is still no general best practice for giving birth, bringing a child into the world and how to bring one up.

I suppose it’s great that there is no typical answer as life would become a bit boring.

Anyway, the big thing that continually amazes me is my wife’s connection with LP3 (I want to lose the ‘3’ connection now due to the negative connotation so LP3 is now LP!).

Whether it’s talking to him (no we don’t know the sex), unconsciously rubbing her belly and talking to me on his behalf – Little Pea wants you to get Mummy a pillow from upstairs, Little Pea wants you to do the shopping to Mummy can snooze etc.

Thing is, I want a piece of the action.

I want that connection too.

Perhaps it’s a bit of jealousy but I’m desperate to hear or feel any sign, but it’s only 21 weeks.

My wife mentioned that he was a bit of a wriggle monkey last night and positively beamed at the reason LP kept her awake.

I have my own wriggle monkey.

It’s called a bladder.

16 – 20 weeks…

10 11 2011

It’s been a while since I last posted.

Perhaps a bit of WordPress laziness crept in.

Well everything is proceeding as planned on the Little Pea 3 front.

Had a 16 week catch up with the midwife and listened to the heartbeat what an awesome experience and feeling.

Then the 20 week scan a few days ago just built on that feeling of awesomeness.

It’s the first time we had seen what looked like a real identifiable baby on the screen.

We are not allowed to know the sex because the local NHS policy but I like the idea of the surprise on the day.

Afterall, I had better get used to surprises as I’m sure my life will now be filled with them.

Down, down and home…

28 09 2011

We arrived back in the UK with a thump on Sunday after an amazing holiday in the Maldives.

It’s an amazing place and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

It was LP3’s first holiday, just a shame he could not see what we saw!

Swimming with Manta Rays, Turtles and all manner of fish.

We even saw about 24 dolphins on our last day swimming past out bungalow, a beautiful sight.

But in a strange way we are hoping LP3 will see a bit of this as we’ve decided on a theme for the nursery.


What started with a really nice fish mobile bought in the hotel has turned into the idea of replicating what we saw whilst snorkelling in the Maldives.

Now I’m no Leonardo so I’m thinking that any imagery will be stickers or wallpaper, so if you have any ideas, just let me know.

So even though it’s always a bit depressing coming home after a holiday, we are lucky in that we have a lot to look forward to.

Up, up and away…

10 09 2011

Well it’s almost time to scoot off on holiday.

We are lucky enough to be going to the Maldives but in a weird way we need to thank LP1, whose due date was today and LP2.

The money that we had been saving for having a baby has been used to pay for the holiday.

Naughty I know but after the year we’ve had and feeling quite drained, we just thought it had to be done.

This holiday will be our last ‘big’ holiday for probably the next 30 years by which time I’ll probably be bed ridden.

So sod it.

It will also be my wife’s 30th birthday so more cause for celebration.

Plenty of new starts to think about while the Indian Ocean gently caresses our toes.



2 09 2011

Well it turns out that with great relief that everything is hunky-dory in the world of LP3.

We had a scan placing him at 9 weeks and 5 days and everything is progressing normally.

But holy Batman, what an experience.

When the image came up on the scan, LP3 was kicking his legs like Karate Kid.

Arms are just ‘buds’ at the moment but I’m sure they will be chopping wood before we know it.

It was also the first opportunity we had to listen to the heartbeat and what a moment.

I think it was the first time it really dawned on me that there’s a baby brewing inside my wife.

At 172 bpm it’s all within normal limits.

I like that word right now. Normal.


LP3 had kicked out plenty of space to grow into.