Been dazed and confused…

3 10 2014

It’s that time of the year sports fans!

The NFL is back (click here for a little nostalgia) and kicked off with the Oakland Raiders taking on the Miami Dolphins last weekend.

The powers that be closed off Regent Street to traffic on the Saturday so that all the fans and unsuspecting shoppers could immerse themselves in all things American Football before gameday.

There was a stage with live music, cheerleaders, players, managers, commentators – you get the idea.

Dotted all up the street were various activities such as giveaways, team information, face painting and games.

My brother-in-law and I have a competition each year with these games.

There’s a throw the ball through the hole game.

A kick the ball through the hole game.

A snap the ball through the hole game.


But this year there was a kick the ball as hard as you can game.


The prize for the ‘longest kick’ was VIP tickets to the game and the score reset each hour.

So we stepped up and had a go.

The game was contained within a 2m cube – rigid metal frame with netting to keep the ball inside.

A girl would put the ball on a small cone, you’d line up and then blast it as hard as you could with three attempts.


Nothing could go wrong.

That is, until I stepped up.

The first two attempts were good but unfortunately the sensor did not pick up the speed (too quick obviously).

I wound up like a tightly coiled spring for my last shot at glory.

Even if I do say so myself, I put a lot of power through the ball.

The ball took off with the ferocity of space shuttle taking off.

It struck the metal frame, obviously didn’t get over the ball enough, and rebounded straight back towards the crowd.

Fortunately it didn’t reach the crowd.

Unfortunately the ball girl’s face stopped it from reaching the crowd.

She wobbled about like the Led Zeppelin tune, said she was fine and tried to carry on.

Reminded me of this.

Racked with guilt I tried to apologise but she had no idea where she was or what was going on.

I met up with her at Wembley Stadium on gameday as the event was being run there too.

She eased my guilt when she said that it was obviously not my fault and was just an accident.

Her make-up was a little heavier across the nose and eyes.


Aside from that, it was a great weekend!

Didn’t have my camera with me this year, so here’s some random camera phone shots.

We were sober, honest.


Photographic memory…

24 09 2014

I completely forgot I went to Whipsnade Zoo the other day.

If it wasn’t for me downloading some photos from my camera, no doubt it would remained in my brain’s recycle bin.

Perhaps I should take a photo each day at certain intervals, just in case.

My memory is truly shocking.

I could swear it’s got worse since having meningitis.

But then Wifey reminded me that it’s always been bad.

Forgot that.

Here’s a bunch of random photos that helped me remember where I was.

Now if only I could remember why I’m sitting here…

A land of fun?…

15 09 2014

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit some exotic locations on holiday.

So with a week off in September, I was looking forward to my next jaunt.

Where would it be?



Sri Lanka?



And to be specific CBeebies Land at Alton Towers.

It was a land of the usual suspects.

Iggle Piggle and his motley crew.

Postman Pat and his lame excuse of a postal service.

Tree Fu Tom and his miscreant mates.

You get the idea.

JJ seemingly enjoyed himself but there were a few elements that did not seem to go down well.

Imagine watching Mike the Knight on TV to then be confronted with his giant likeness and being told to smile for the camera.


He hated queues.

Not understanding the concept of why he could not go on the big rides.

Once he got passed that he took it all in as only a two year old can do.

We visited the waterpark, won him a minion that is affectionately known at ‘tato (as in potato) and went for a few long walks while he slept in the grounds of Alton Towers.

Plenty of fun was had, but I do look forward to the day when he will have even more fun on the big rides with his Daddy.

Although by then, the ‘coasters of CBeebies Land will probably appeal more to me.

Welcome to the land of Fae…

13 09 2014

Bank holidays.

You’ve got to love ’em.

That little bonus day off.

And so, August found me down in Cornwall seeing family.

Tehidy Country Park, which you may remember from an earlier blog, was hosting an event by the Rogue Theatre called the Wild Woodland Summer Ball.

Armed with the kids on a sunny Saturday, off we went.

On arrival, we queued up outside an entrance to the woods to begin our magical journey.

As we walked through the eerie woods, the actors put on little performances that were part of the stories to be told.

They ushered us through the woods to various performances before we eventually reached a clearing where the main event was to take place.

There was a stage, a woodland stew bubbling away, a sheltered area for the musicians and a little stall selling food and drink.

We took a seat on some hay bales and took in five stories from ‘The Book of Fae.’

A brief interlude saw some wand and sword making as well as some face painting.

(Do you think JJ could sit still for a full face painting? See the photo below for the result.)

It was all good fun if not a little hard to concentrate on with JJ deciding to explore the woods rather than find out what happened to the last of the dragons, wife to the new king.

After a song and a dance with the actors, it was time to leave and head back to the land of normality.



Pham bam thank you ma’am…

5 02 2014

As I’ve mentioned, I like a good photobomb.

However, recent disturbing events have made me think about reconsidering my position.


Check out this article in the Huffington Post.

Thing is, I can’t help myself.

Reflecting over a pint.

Reflecting over a pint.

You were the teacher…

27 01 2014

I wrote a blog on the art of photobombing.

You can check it out here.

Well, it was a proud day when I found out my little boy has already succeeded with his first photobomb.

He obviously a keen follower of my blog.

And here’s the evidence.

altAjl-f3n4qd7FEKlINB_Y-0EQwh7z9_1Yqf2auc6AGuuKGood lad.

Get a Mo-ve on…

13 11 2013

Well it’s been a while.

I’ve been avoiding putting a photo up.

So here goes nothing.

13 days in.


Happy chappy.

Happy chappy.

I’m not normally that grumpy and tired looking.

I’ve got the dreaded manflu.

Boo-hoo me.

Here’s my Movember Page with a photo that I think was taken on day three.

My original plan was simply to do this to raise awareness by walking around looking like an idiot.

Not to ask for donations.

My reasoning being that if just one person thought about Movember and their own health, job done.

However, it would be wrong of me to restrict any donation as it’s a worthy cause.

So feel free to donate anything you like.

Just go to my page and donate away.

50p, £1, £10,000.

No pressure.

Thanks in advance.

I’ll put a few more photos up should my face manage to squeeze any more hair out.

But that’s probably why I’m ill.

My body’s resources are being diverted to desperately grow some hair on my face.