The Emotion Hunter: Anticipation…

9 09 2012

It’s been trickier than I thought to hunt down the emotions of JJ.

The swing between happiness and being upset is too easy to capture.

Another problem has been defining what emotions are – is there a list?

I did a bit of digging and established there are lots of clever ways of grouping emotions.

One such example is Robert Plutchik’s theory that says there are eight basic emotions.

I got emotional trying to understand it.

I like the idea of this because it meant I could try to work around this wheel, hunting each one in turn.

The eight basic emotions are just outside the circle.

From what I can decipher, you then have the extreme of that emotion on the inside and the lesser on the outside.

Add up to basic emotions and then you get the result on the outside, e.g. Optimism is equal to Anticipation and Joy.

You can then see the opposites, e.g. Sadness and Joy.

Simple eh?

Then I started to realise it might be quite hard doing this with a 6 month old.

But then it would not be a challenge.

I think JJ’s emotions are up for interpretation anyway so feel free to disagree with my hunting.

So, first up…

The reason I chose anticipation is because he was soon asleep.

He knew it was coming.

Perhaps it was sadness because he knew he’d soon not see Daddy.