I’m invited to the party…

3 01 2012

The Christmas break was full of surprises.

I’ve realised my addiction to WoW is fast coming to an end.

My nephew is a secret Yorkshireman.

Family secret santas can work.

Star Wars can be watched again as if it was the first time.

But most importantly, I unexpectedly received an invite to the party.

The party that up until now I just had to watched from the sidelines.

Whilst putting my ear up against my wife’s tummy, Little Pea put his ninja skills to work by delivering his one inch punch to my face.

It was a momentous occasion.

There I was, experiencing something that my wife couldn’t.

I giggled like an excited little school boy.

I’ve lost count now of the times that I’ve felt the little fella move.

I’ll never grow tired of that sensation.

And it’s crazy to think that not long from now, I’m going to feel him move without a wall of skin between us.

Then we can have a proper party.

Happy New Year everyone.


Getting on the rollercoaster…

22 08 2011

Some say that the purpose of life in its most basic form is to procreate to ensure the longevity of our species.

Most of us get that feeling at some point in our lives when it’s time, a deep primeval itch that needs to be scratched.

So, it was with a great deal of excitement and trepidation that my wife and I embarked on that journey to create a life (well somebody’s got to do it!).

We were as prepared as two people in love could be, with a degree of blind faith protecting us…

And then one day, whilst immersed in my world of make-believe, I was brought to down to the reality of Earth with an almighty thump when I found out that I was going to be a Dad. A word I had associated with only one man for all of my life. A title I was to take on.

Entering into a state of shock I was not quite able to compute the ramifications of what I’d just heard, even though I was prepared as I could be. It was the most incredible and humbling piece of news I had ever heard in my life. Holy <enter expletive here>.

I quickly immersed myself back into the world of make-believe.

It took a while for it to sink in if I’m honest. I was too excited and didn’t know how to express it because all my hopes and fears gathered into one place and swept me away on the first high of the 2011 rollercoaster ride. I could almost hear that cranking noise, which has that effect of turning your knuckles white.

But I had a job to do, and ensuring that I made my tiny contribution to the survival of the human race became the year’s focus. So I did what any man can do. Held on tight, put on a mask of confidence, and looked forward to journey ahead.

They had no flipping clue

I’ve got a confession to make…

17 08 2011

…I’m an addict.

Nothing as traditional as drugs, alcohol or sex. No, no, its guise is much more sinister and dark.

My name is “Frankwell” and I play World of Warcraft. Read the rest of this entry »