Fire and forget…

20 08 2015

What do emails and the AGM-114 Hellfire missile have in common?

Clue’s in the title of the blog.

I’m becoming increasingly annoyed at the attitude behind work emails.

Just because you hit send does not mean you don’t need to follow-up with the recipient.

Just because you hit send does not mean you can wash your hands of any further action until otherwise contacted.

Just because, well, just because.

What is it with people’s insistence on hiding behind emails?

I’ve worked with so many people who,¬†rather than get off their behinds and walk 10 metres, would rather send an email.

I know what you’re thinking “Nah mate, it’s just that nobody wants to talk to you!”

Technology is meant to be an enabler not an inhibitor.

No wonder people’s social skills and ability to work with others face-to-face is sadly on the downturn.

Working relationships will never truly develop if people are either too lazy or scared to pick up a phone or meet in person.

And the potential view from the company?

Fire and forget.

He didn't give two monkeys what happened next.

He didn’t give two monkeys what happened next. Attribution: Photo: Graeme Main/MOD