Beanz Meanz, er, I’m not sure anymore…

24 08 2015

What on earth is going on?

I used to find solace in food.

Especially branded food.

There was a constant, a taste guarantee that other own label brands could not surpass.

From tomato sauce to tuna, some brands were just simply the best.

But my branded food world was turned upside down the other day by the power of just one word.

A word that causes panic amongst some, negativity amongst others and smugness in the rest.

This word?


My food snobbery was put to the test.

With an almost petulant attitude I succumbed to having Aldi beans on toast at home.

Wifey’s on a cost saving exercise.

I was brought up on Heinz baked beans.

It felt wholeheartedly wrong to betray them (does that make me a has-bean?).

I felt layers of comfort being peeled away as easily as an Aldi onion.

And the result?

Regrettably they were good.

In fact I preferred them.

So I’ll tell you what Beanz Meanz.

Beanz Meanz Aldi (and saving a ton of cash).