37 weeks, not long to go…

17 06 2015

Wifey is 37 weeks today.

“Bunky” is becoming more obvious with his movements.

We were at Whipsnade Zoo with JJ when I took this video (watch closely).

Crazy to think there is a little human in there that can’t wait to get out.

Well that moment might be slightly sooner than planned.

Subject to tests and consultations, Bunky could be with us any day now…


The Wriggle Monkey…

15 11 2011

As humans we’ve had thousands of years to evolve, some more than others.

Yet it still amazes me how there is still no general best practice for giving birth, bringing a child into the world and how to bring one up.

I suppose it’s great that there is no typical answer as life would become a bit boring.

Anyway, the big thing that continually amazes me is my wife’s connection with LP3 (I want to lose the ‘3’ connection now due to the negative connotation so LP3 is now LP!).

Whether it’s talking to him (no we don’t know the sex), unconsciously rubbing her belly and talking to me on his behalf – Little Pea wants you to get Mummy a pillow from upstairs, Little Pea wants you to do the shopping to Mummy can snooze etc.

Thing is, I want a piece of the action.

I want that connection too.

Perhaps it’s a bit of jealousy but I’m desperate to hear or feel any sign, but it’s only 21 weeks.

My wife mentioned that he was a bit of a wriggle monkey last night and positively beamed at the reason LP kept her awake.

I have my own wriggle monkey.

It’s called a bladder.

Your guide to pregnancy…

10 11 2011

I’ve just finished “The bloke’s guide to pregnancy” by Jon Smith.

It’s written, surprise surprise, by a bloke, for blokes and is a very easy to read.

If you have no idea about pregnancy and don’t like the idea of reading the more technically and female orientated books (apart from have a quick look at the birth and breastfeeding pages out of *ahem* curiosity) it’s a great place to start.