My family is now complete…

14 08 2015

<edit: it’s been about 4 weeks, since I wrote this, trying to play catch up!>

As you may have noticed, I did not have a 38 week post update on our pregnancy.

I’m proud to say that on 25th June 2015 at 1710hrs, Logan Jago Mellor was born.

Mother and baby are both well.

Logan was two weeks early, weighing in at 6lbs 4ozs.

He may have been small but his presence was certainly felt.

The two weeks that followed will be looked back upon with fond memories.

It was two of the best and hardest weeks of my life.

Both my parents and Wifey’s parents were there to help look after JJ while we were in hospital.

After they left we had a week to ourselves letting it all sink in.

Wifey’s Mum stayed with us for a week to help out – a godsend.

I’ve finished my paternity leave and am back at work.


I miss my family like crazy but I’m sure routine will kick in again soon enough.

My Mum and Dad are now with us to help out.

Thank the maker for family.

Photos will follow.


37 weeks, not long to go…

17 06 2015

Wifey is 37 weeks today.

“Bunky” is becoming more obvious with his movements.

We were at Whipsnade Zoo with JJ when I took this video (watch closely).

Crazy to think there is a little human in there that can’t wait to get out.

Well that moment might be slightly sooner than planned.

Subject to tests and consultations, Bunky could be with us any day now…

Big bang theory…

6 10 2014

As with a lot of good theories, they tend to remain only that.


Until someone comes along and completely disproves it otherwise.

Such confutation could be down to science, time passing by or your wife.

So it was that I developed a theory over the weekend.

I was doing some DIY upstairs, Wifey was doing wifey things and Joshie was playing with his cars.

All of a sudden I heard a mighty BANG.

I waited.


No shouts, screams or tears so I carried on with the DIY.

Like Newton and his apple, this led me to develop my Big Bang Theory.

When you have a toddler around, you often hear big bangs.

It’s normally proceeded with screams, crying, shouting etc.

When there’s silence you can assume that everything is fine and play has resumed.

I was quite proud of myself.

Nice one Daddy.

That is, until I mused upon my theory with Wifey.

With one very precise theory seeking missile, she shot it down.

“That’s a stupid theory – what happens if he’s knocked himself out or worse?”

Not so proud Daddy.

Not so nice Daddy.

I’ll stick to DIY in future.

But apparently that’s no good either.

Pop goes your name…

26 09 2014

Some rather talented friends of ours have started a little business.

“Pop goes your name.”

They have written, produced and recorded a series of personalised songs for children to create a rather unique album.

You go to their website, choose the relevant name and within a couple of clicks hey presto, a wonderful present for the kids.

The album has some incredibly catchy tunes and I often find myself singing along to them at home, in the car and at work without realising.


It’s helping Joshie learn the alphabet too, even if he doesn’t even realise what he’s singing yet.

“I’m tired of Niki Minaj, Catfish and the Bottlemen, and David Guetta, so where can I pick up one of these albums as quickly as possible,” I hear you say?


Just click here.

“Joshua, Joshua that’s your name. Use the letters what do they say?”

Did I just sing that out loud?

The youth of today…

22 09 2014

How dare you speak to Mummy like that Joshie!

(Good lad.)

A land of fun?…

15 09 2014

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit some exotic locations on holiday.

So with a week off in September, I was looking forward to my next jaunt.

Where would it be?



Sri Lanka?



And to be specific CBeebies Land at Alton Towers.

It was a land of the usual suspects.

Iggle Piggle and his motley crew.

Postman Pat and his lame excuse of a postal service.

Tree Fu Tom and his miscreant mates.

You get the idea.

JJ seemingly enjoyed himself but there were a few elements that did not seem to go down well.

Imagine watching Mike the Knight on TV to then be confronted with his giant likeness and being told to smile for the camera.


He hated queues.

Not understanding the concept of why he could not go on the big rides.

Once he got passed that he took it all in as only a two year old can do.

We visited the waterpark, won him a minion that is affectionately known at ‘tato (as in potato) and went for a few long walks while he slept in the grounds of Alton Towers.

Plenty of fun was had, but I do look forward to the day when he will have even more fun on the big rides with his Daddy.

Although by then, the ‘coasters of CBeebies Land will probably appeal more to me.

Welcome to the land of Fae…

13 09 2014

Bank holidays.

You’ve got to love ’em.

That little bonus day off.

And so, August found me down in Cornwall seeing family.

Tehidy Country Park, which you may remember from an earlier blog, was hosting an event by the Rogue Theatre called the Wild Woodland Summer Ball.

Armed with the kids on a sunny Saturday, off we went.

On arrival, we queued up outside an entrance to the woods to begin our magical journey.

As we walked through the eerie woods, the actors put on little performances that were part of the stories to be told.

They ushered us through the woods to various performances before we eventually reached a clearing where the main event was to take place.

There was a stage, a woodland stew bubbling away, a sheltered area for the musicians and a little stall selling food and drink.

We took a seat on some hay bales and took in five stories from ‘The Book of Fae.’

A brief interlude saw some wand and sword making as well as some face painting.

(Do you think JJ could sit still for a full face painting? See the photo below for the result.)

It was all good fun if not a little hard to concentrate on with JJ deciding to explore the woods rather than find out what happened to the last of the dragons, wife to the new king.

After a song and a dance with the actors, it was time to leave and head back to the land of normality.