Fire and forget…

20 08 2015

What do emails and the AGM-114 Hellfire missile have in common?

Clue’s in the title of the blog.

I’m becoming increasingly annoyed at the attitude behind work emails.

Just because you hit send does not mean you don’t need to follow-up with the recipient.

Just because you hit send does not mean you can wash your hands of any further action until otherwise contacted.

Just because, well, just because.

What is it with people’s insistence on hiding behind emails?

I’ve worked with so many people who, rather than get off their behinds and walk 10 metres, would rather send an email.

I know what you’re thinking “Nah mate, it’s just that nobody wants to talk to you!”

Technology is meant to be an enabler not an inhibitor.

No wonder people’s social skills and ability to work with others face-to-face is sadly on the downturn.

Working relationships will never truly develop if people are either too lazy or scared to pick up a phone or meet in person.

And the potential view from the company?

Fire and forget.

He didn't give two monkeys what happened next.

He didn’t give two monkeys what happened next. Attribution: Photo: Graeme Main/MOD


19 06 2015

As I watched someone leave a paper Costa coffee cup on a bench and walk away, it reminded how annoyed I get with litter.

I got so annoyed I promptly did nothing about it and left the rubbish on the bench, cursing under my breath.

No bin?

Hold on to your rubbish until you find one you lazy git.

You should be allowed to pick up said rubbish and chuck it at them saying “I think you left something behind you lazy git.”

Lazy git.

And then it hit me (not some rubbish I left behind).

Perhaps these litter louts are a means to an end.

Bear with me here.

There are obviously not enough bins on the streets.

And what does this lead to?

Someone needs to buy more bins.

The bins need to be made.

The materials need to be supplied.

Areas need to be mapped in terms of footfall to determine the best place for the bins.

The bins then need to be placed and secured.

People will be needed to empty the bins.

Perhaps we need an ad campaign to push people to use the bins.

So we need people hired to come up with a campaign.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

All on a UK scale.

Therefore perhaps these litter louts aren’t the blight on society that I make them out to be.

They could actually help drive jobs, profits and a cleaner landscape for all.

Perhaps we should all become litter louts.

Actually, that’s a rubbish idea.

Just put rubbish in the bin.

Bag an apology…

18 02 2013

Rant time.

As you may have seen from previous posts, I frequent the Underground.

I’ve commented on how people transform when travelling in this London-based warren for the worse.

Well my latest gripe is with people who carry bags without any consideration for other people especially during rush hour.

They seem to fall into various categories:

  • The bulging back-packers
  • The trolley bag wide loaders
  • The unhelpful handbaggers
  • The behemoth baggers

And so on.

The thing that unites these people is their complete lack of spacial awareness, and apologies.

Just because you are carrying a bag does not mean you should lose all sense of consideration for your fellow travellers.

Do not assume that just because you are carrying a bag it entitles you to special dispensation.

…or to block a walkway so that no-one can get past you.

…or to use it as a weapon to force your way on to a tube.

…or that it provides you with the means to build a den on the tube to create your own space.

First world problems I know but all that I ask is that people just think.

As I stand there, playing “Skulls of the Shogun,” (great game!) please don’t walk past and whack me with your handbag to make space for yourself.

Don’t then turn around and look at me as if it was my fault / I was in the way of your expensive bag / your bag is more precious than life itself.

If you worry about it making contact with people on the tube, don’t bring it on.

If you decide to travel with a massive backpack or huge case during rush hour, get a bag-full of apologies ready.

Accept you are going to annoy a lot of people.

Especially grumpy old sods like me.

With faces like thunder.


Hate the public? Work in the service industry…

13 12 2011

Grumpy old me again.

Rant time needed.

One of life’s important skills appears to be disappearing, especially in the service industry.


Restaurants, supermarkets, trains, they are all getting as bad as each other.

I know I’m generalising but bear with me.

If I get up from my table in a restaurant to go to the toilet, waiters should not push through and expect me to move out of their way.

They should invite me through first.

With a smile.

It’s a sign of good service that is just as important as the food.

Staff at my local supermarket run around forcing me out of their way with trolleys (yes, they can see me) or block my path even though they see me coming so they can stack a shelf.

Most of the time, I don’t mind moving out of the way, but they don’t even say thanks.

Call centres.

Don’t even get me started.

I know they have a job to do.

And it’s busy and frustrating dealing with the public.

Especially when they invade your work space.

But manners and even a (forced) smile cost nothing.

After all, these people who get in your way ultimately pay your salaries.

So, I suggest a new approach.


If people appear lacking in manners, they should have a sellotaped smile put into place.

It would serve as a reminder to remember their manners.

Plus it would give us an idea of which people to avoid and a laugh in the process.

It’s either that or do what my Granny used to do.

Give me a smack across the back of the head.