Dreaming of a sprint finish…

2 06 2015

I mentioned in my previous post about Joshie making me smile while he sleeps.

This was taken a couple of nights ago.

I think he was dreaming of winning the 100m.

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt

Joshua Mellor


Mr. Bolt, watch out.


Bloomin’ marvellous…

27 04 2015

For our 5th anniversary I bought Abi a tree and had it planted in the grounds of Offley Place where we got married.

It was a Prunus ‘Blushing Bride’ (Shogetsu).

The idea is that we can come back each year to see how it’s grown along with Joshie.

We went to see how it was doing at the weekend, as it’s due to produce its signature cherry blossom.

The tree is very young so we were not sure what to expect.

As you will see from the photo below, it has started blooming.

And so has Wifey.



Best. Day. Ever….

12 11 2014

Like most young boys, Joshie loves trucks.

Oh and tractors.

And trains.

You get the idea.

So imagine his delight when he got up in the morning to see this:





The road outside our house is being ripped up and re-laid.

I half expected to return home and still see him watching the activity through the window.

One very happy little boy.

Who needs Santa?

Tickle Treat…

7 11 2014

Last year, Joshie didn’t really understand Halloween.

Not many one year olds would..

But we dressed him up none the less.

This year was no different.

Except this time he understood it a fraction more.

I took him to Willows Farm where they were giving away pumpkins for free.

We stood in a field littered with orange globes of all shapes and sizes and I told him to take his pick.


At first he was not fussed, but the deeper we got into the field the more he got involved.

“This one?”

“No Joshie, it’s only half a pumpkin.”

“This one Daddy?”

“No Joshie, as you can now see by all the pumpkin juice that fallen onto my shoe, it’s a broken pumpkin.”

Then he lost interest.

So we continued until we (I) found a suitable one.



Then Joshie went off and stole another one anyway.

A few days later, Wifey set to the task of carving it with Joshie.

But he lost interest.

Can you what it is?

Can you see what it is?

Wifey set to dressing up the little man ready for some Trick or Treating on our street.

And this is where he suddenly gained an interest when he realised what he could get.

Houses that were participating had a pumpkin outside so the kids took it in turns to find out what their treat was.

Joshie’s turn.



Well he kind of got it right, because all the Mums seemed to love the expression and showered him in kiddie rocket fuel.


Lots of them.

His little Frankenstein’s Monster bucket runneth over.

Which obviously meant more for Daddy.

Later, I asked Wifey if she would like a Tickle Treat, but that’s another story.


Big bang theory…

6 10 2014

As with a lot of good theories, they tend to remain only that.


Until someone comes along and completely disproves it otherwise.

Such confutation could be down to science, time passing by or your wife.

So it was that I developed a theory over the weekend.

I was doing some DIY upstairs, Wifey was doing wifey things and Joshie was playing with his cars.

All of a sudden I heard a mighty BANG.

I waited.


No shouts, screams or tears so I carried on with the DIY.

Like Newton and his apple, this led me to develop my Big Bang Theory.

When you have a toddler around, you often hear big bangs.

It’s normally proceeded with screams, crying, shouting etc.

When there’s silence you can assume that everything is fine and play has resumed.

I was quite proud of myself.

Nice one Daddy.

That is, until I mused upon my theory with Wifey.

With one very precise theory seeking missile, she shot it down.

“That’s a stupid theory – what happens if he’s knocked himself out or worse?”

Not so proud Daddy.

Not so nice Daddy.

I’ll stick to DIY in future.

But apparently that’s no good either.

Pop goes your name…

26 09 2014

Some rather talented friends of ours have started a little business.

“Pop goes your name.”

They have written, produced and recorded a series of personalised songs for children to create a rather unique album.

You go to their website, choose the relevant name and within a couple of clicks hey presto, a wonderful present for the kids.

The album has some incredibly catchy tunes and I often find myself singing along to them at home, in the car and at work without realising.


It’s helping Joshie learn the alphabet too, even if he doesn’t even realise what he’s singing yet.

“I’m tired of Niki Minaj, Catfish and the Bottlemen, and David Guetta, so where can I pick up one of these albums as quickly as possible,” I hear you say?


Just click here.

“Joshua, Joshua that’s your name. Use the letters what do they say?”

Did I just sing that out loud?

Happy Birthday Mummy…

19 09 2014

Today is Wifey’s birthday.

I’d been out the previous night for a few drinks and found myself at 12.30 this morning wrapping presents.

Unfortunately the paper I thought we’d had didn’t exist.

Thomas the Tank Engine wrapping paper saved the day.

I got Joshie up, he added his mark to the birthday card and then I briefed him on his next steps.

He waddled through into the bedroom in his rather full nappy, clutching a card and presented it to Mummy.

(The card not the nappy.)

“Happy Birthday, Mummy.”

It’s the first time he’d ever said that to either one of us, so that was all the present I think Wifey needed.

Thomas caused a bit of confusion when after giving a present to Mummy Joshie exclaimed “my presents!”

Fortunately he did not kick off and settled for a little treat.

A strip of sugared squid (don’t ask – thanks Bruv).

With a trip to London Zoo and a meal out tonight without Joshie (first time with an official babysitter!), I hope you have a good birthday Wifey.


And it looks like we can pause on re-building Hadrian’s Wall.

For the moment…