19 06 2015

As I watched someone leave a paper Costa coffee cup on a bench and walk away, it reminded how annoyed I get with litter.

I got so annoyed I promptly did nothing about it and left the rubbish on the bench, cursing under my breath.

No bin?

Hold on to your rubbish until you find one you lazy git.

You should be allowed to pick up said rubbish and chuck it at them saying “I think you left something behind you lazy git.”

Lazy git.

And then it hit me (not some rubbish I left behind).

Perhaps these litter louts are a means to an end.

Bear with me here.

There are obviously not enough bins on the streets.

And what does this lead to?

Someone needs to buy more bins.

The bins need to be made.

The materials need to be supplied.

Areas need to be mapped in terms of footfall to determine the best place for the bins.

The bins then need to be placed and secured.

People will be needed to empty the bins.

Perhaps we need an ad campaign to push people to use the bins.

So we need people hired to come up with a campaign.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

All on a UK scale.

Therefore perhaps these litter louts aren’t the blight on society that I make them out to be.

They could actually help drive jobs, profits and a cleaner landscape for all.

Perhaps we should all become litter louts.

Actually, that’s a rubbish idea.

Just put rubbish in the bin.


Your kidding me…

3 08 2012

Computerised spell check.

It annoys me.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s just an excuse for people to be lazy.

What annoys me even more is the lack of it.

Let me explain.

I’ve been dealing a lot with questions to an online competition.

People fill in their question and fire off the response.

With the online form there is no spell check.

So of course, people do not check their own response.

For example, in one very long sentence, one person made the following typos:

Starting the sentence “hey there” – no capital H at the start of the sentence

Use of i rather than I. Twice.

i\’d rather than I’d

id rather than I’d

havnt rather than haven’t

recieved rather than received

It’s just sheer laziness.

And this is just one of many examples.

For me this is also indicative of one of the problems the UK faces.

A population of lazy people who expect everything to be done for them.

Another one of my sweeping generalisations, I know.

This is where my rant finishes.

And before you ask / are desperate to point it out, yes I know…

No no no, after you…

22 12 2011

I had a little rant earlier about public services.

There’s still more to come, another time.

This time it’s the public’s turn.

Whatever happened to the simple “excuse me”?

I’m getting sick to death of being bashed to one side without even a mutter of an apology, especially at this time of year.

When did it become acceptable to do this?

Did I miss the memo entitled “Manners Amnesty”?

Oh and by the way, im not a mind reader.

Don’t just stand there in silence expecting me to move out of the way.

I can’t translate your grotesque facial movements into English.

Say something.


Grunt if you have to.

It’s the season of good will apparently.

But I suppose it’s easy to forget when you get wrapped up in a world of selfishness.